Two Year Anniversary!

Two years ago on July 20th, I started The Oddness of Moving Things.  I planned on waiting until the actual day to post, but It seemed to fit right in with my stats this week.  When this posts, it will be my 201st post and I will have surpassed 14,000 unique views (not a lot I know, but I thought it was awesome it was right at the same time I hit 200 posts).  To see my very first post about why I started The Oddness of Moving Things click here and to see my One Year Anniversary posts click here, here and here.

It definitely feels like a lot longer than two years, but who cares!  This is my yay for sticking with something for longer than a year, and celebrating all you amazing people out there I’ve ‘met’ over the past two years!

Top 10 BannerI’ve got a couple of “Top Ten” lists for you below, so check them out!  The first is the top 10 most visited books, the top 10 tags from this past year and the last is the top 5 Commenters and top 5 commented posts.  There are very few surprises I think and it’s nice to see some of my older responses still being read.

Top Ten Viewed Book Posts of the Past Year
There are no real surprises.  Number one and number seven have in common that I happened to read the book at the number of the next book to be released.  A lot of people searching for Game of Thrones Book 6 (DAMN IT PEOPLE, THE SERIES IS ‘A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE,’ NOT GAME OF THRONES!) and Artemis Fowl book 9.

  1. A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin – originally posted 2/1/12
  2. The Berlin Stories by Christopher Isherwood – originally posted 10/13/10
  3. Bastard Out of Carolina by Dorothy Allison – originally posted 7/11/11
  4. Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller – originally posted 8/1/11
  5. A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin – originally posted 2/9/12
  6. Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro – originally posted 1/14/12
  7. The Atlantis Complex (Artemis Fowl 7) by Eoin Colfer – originally posted 4/25/11
  8. Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha by Roddy Doyle – originally posted 7/22/11
  9. Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie – originally posted 3/28/12
  10. A Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin – originally published 2/24/12

Top Ten Tags
These are the most used tags since I started The Oddness of Moving Things.  Again, no major surprises, but it is interesting to see how a lot of the books I read do have similar focus without purposefully searching for them.

Top Five Commenters and Top Five Commented on Posts
These are just ten of the wonderful people I’ve met over the past two years.  I’ve really enjoyed commenting on their blogs and reading their posts and hope they’ve enjoyed reading mine too! And (because it will only let me see the Top 6 commenters, I’ve got the Top 5 commented on posts too!

Top Five Commented Posts

  1. Mount TBR Reading Challenge 2012
  2. The Classics Club
  3. Book 33: The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – Robert Louis Stevenson
  4. Book 24: The Tenant of Wildfell Hall – Anne Brontë
  5. Book 11: A Storm of Swords – George R.R. Martin
Top Five Most Commenters

  1. Heather at Between the Covers
  2. T.B.M at 50 Year Project
  3. Claire at Word by Word
  4. Rob at Loose Logic
  5. Fiona at The Book Coop

The other notable/cool things to happen this last year were:

  • I got a Kindle! (/Tom paid for most of a Kindle for me :-D) Which has been great since the local library has started lending Kindle books, and it’s also been great for travelling.
  • A publisher contacted me about an Advanced Readers Copy and that was pretty cool. You can read about the process here and my review of the book here.  Since then, I’ve joined Net Galley and reviewed a second advanced copy, The Absolutist (which EVERYONE should read!), and have a few more coming up.  I doubt I’ll ever review more than 3-4 a year, but you never know right.
  • Tom got me an iPad and I got an AWESOME case for it (and another cool case for my Kindle).  Click here to see them.
  • We unpacked 525 copies of the Hunger Games trilogy for my workplace’s gala and gave them out to all of our guests in swag bags and Tom and I both got a set!

Overall it’s been a great two years! Thanks for reading, commenting and interacting. And most importantly thanks for making this so much fun!


18 thoughts on “Two Year Anniversary!”

  1. Horray, Happy Anniversary! I really enjoy reading your blog even though I only came across it rather recently. (via the Tea & Books reading challenge I believe?)

    Congrats and hope to be here in another two years.


    1. Thanks! I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Tea and Books, I’ve plowed through my six committed books and Birgit was like WHOA. 😀 How are you doing in that challenge so far?


      1. Uhm, well… I think I have read a total of one out of eight that I said I would read. Right now I am on my second (The Dark Side of Love by Rafik Schami) and will move onto my third straight after and then maybe my 4th… Lately I seem to pick up a brick and then end up, out of no fault of my own (entirely) having to put it down and start another. So I have a trail of bricks scattered across the house.


  2. Happy Blogoversary! I’m glad I found The Oddness of Moving Things–I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts and chatting with you about books.


  3. Woo! #4! 🙂

    Congrats on hitting the two year mark. You’ve got a great thing going here. I’m always happy to see an update pop up in Google Reader. I’ve found writing a bit about what I’ve read to be really rewarding, and I love reading blogs like yours to both inspire my reading queue and expose me to new authors and books.


    1. Thanks! It really is all about community. Your reading been side tracked by the baby yet or still waiting? (I’ve been slow catching up on everyone’s blogs these past few weeks.)


        1. Haahaa. Whoops. Sorry about that. Clearly too many blogs has gotten me confused. I think I know who I was thinking of, I’ll have to go check out their blog.


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