2015 06-13 Pride and Prejudice in SpanishIf you have followed this blog at all you are aware of my fanboy love for Jane Austen. If you are not aware of this click the link for the January 2013 Pride and Prejudice below and you’ll get a taste of it. This does, unfortunately or not, extend to enjoying a lot of what I consider Austen fan-fiction in books, films and TV shows. The lists below are not complete. They are only the books that I have read in the past or have some intention of reading in the future. At some point I may come back and add the television shows and movies. Special thanks to AustenProse, since I guess that’s where I probably first saw the name Austenesque.

The Originals

The Austen Project

I’m fairly certain this project is done without Mansfield Park or Persuasion being printed/completed. I could be surprised one day, but all materials referring to it have disappeared from the internet.

Graphic Novels

Manga Classics (by publication date)

Marvel Illustrated (by publication date)

The Nonfiction


  •  A Memoir of Jane Austen – J.E. Austen-Leigh (1869)
  •  Only a Novel: The Double Life of Jane Austen – Jane Aiken Hodge (1972)




The Inspired ‘Fan-Fiction’


  • Jane Fairfax – Joan Aiken (1997)
  • Presumption: An Entertainment – Julia Barrett (1993)
  • Being a Jane Austen Mystery – Stephanie Barron
    • Jane and the Unpleasantness at Scargrave Manor (#1, 1996)
    • Jane and the Man of the Cloth (#2, 1997)
    • Jane and the Wandering Eye (#3, 1998)
  • Bridget Jones – Helen Fielding
  • Pemberley – Emma Tennant (1993)







  • Darcy Swipes Left – Courtney Carbone (2016)
  • The Jane Austen Project – Kathleen Flynn (2017)
  • Arsenic with Austen – Katherine Bolger Hyde (2016)
  • The Austen Escape – Katherine Reay (2017)
  • A Portrait of Emily Price – Katherine Reay (2016)


This list is a list of those that I plan to read, already own, or may have just found hilarious and added them here. For a ridiculous amount of other fan-fiction and Austen-inspired novels check out The site isn’t that user-friendly and I feel like a list would work better than the cover photos, but it’s an exhaustive look at what they know is published so far in Jane Austen fan-fiction (JAFF).


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