OPB - Wuthering SquareSee what I did there? Brontë+paraphernalia = Brontë(nalia). I’m so witty sometimes.

I realized WAY too late that in giving Jane Austen, whom I love, her own webpage and list of books, I was short-shifting the Brontës. I mean let’s face it I’m as much a Brontëite as I am a Janeite. I even have a beautiful collection of paperback copies of Wuthering Heights (scroll to the bottom for the gallery of Wuthering Heights related things) AND I wrote a three-part series asking “What about Anne Brontë?” (here, here and here) because I was so intrigued by her!

With the proliferation (ha!), or at least my discovery of more Brontë fan-fiction over the past two years I realized I should dedicate a space to them as well, so without further ado.

The Originals (by publication date)

Graphic Novels

  • Classic Comics
    • Jane Eyre – Amy Corzine & John M. Burns
    • Wuthering Heights – Sean Michael Wilson & John M. Burns
  • Barron’s Graphic Classics
    • Jane Eyre – Fiona MacDonald and Penko Gelev
    • Wuthering Heights – Jim Pipe & Nick Spender
  • Manga Classics

The Nonfiction (by publication date/author)

  • 1857
    • The Life of Charlotte Brontë – Elizabeth Gaskell
  • 1928
    • The Life and Private History of Emily Jane Brontë – Romer Wilson
  •  1991
    • Wuthering Heights (Case Studies in Contemporary Criticism) – Linda Peterson and Ross C. Murfin
  • 2005
    • Myths of Power: A Marxist Study of the Brontës – Terry Eagleton
    • The Brontë Myth – Lucasta Miller
  • 2010
    • Sloane Hall – Libby Sternberg
  •  2012
    • The Brontë Sisters: The Brief Lives of Charlotte, Emily, and Anne – Catherine Reef
  •  2013
    • The Brontës: Wild Genius on the Moors – Juliet Barker
  • 2014
    • The Dark Quartet: The Story of the Brontës – Lynne Reid Banks
  •  2015
    • The Brontë Cabinet: Three Lives in Nine Objects – Deborah Lutz
  • 2016
    • Charlotte Brontë: A Fiery Heart – Claire Harman

The Inspired ‘Fan-Fiction’ (by publication date/author)


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