For what it’s worth, here is a bit about me.  I’m sure It sounds like a cross between a bad resume and an even worse personals ad, but that’s what the internet is all about right?

That’s me in the photo, it’s on the Ilkley Moors at the Cow and Calf in West Yorkshire, England. I was going to put a picture of me reading, but I sort of liked the ridiculous grandiosity of this picture (think of the most recent film adaptation of Pride and Prejudice or even the film adaptation of RENT).

I grew up in North Carolina, with a few summer sojourns to Rhode Island during my undergraduate years, but upon completion of my degrees at UNC-Chapel Hill (Go Heels!), I moved to the UK to get a master’s degree from the University of Leeds. If you haven’t picked it up yet my masters was in Gender Studies. (I can see people nodding their heads fully understanding my fascination with coming out and the coming of age process).

After two years living and studying in the UK, I felt It was time to return to the US and chose Boston as my new home. It’s nothing like NC (but there are a lot of Southerners) and it’s a lot like England (lots of roads going nowhere, a lot of the same names and even more British ex-pats). I did a year of AmeriCorps VISTA when I first moved to Boston and then worked for an awesome nonprofit in the Boston Harbor Islands. I now work for a small private college in Institutional Advancement.