They Like Me! They Really Like Me!

These are some of the awesome interactions I have had via social media since I started The Oddness of Moving Things. I’m sure there are some missing and I hope there are many more to add in the future! And yes, I am WELL aware that I’ve used the wrong version of the Sally Fields quote, but let’s face it, this version has it’s own cultural significance at this point.



  • June 23 – Lyndsay Faye shares my responses to Jane Steele with her followers and mentions the #LGBT and #fanfiction hashtags.


  • October 23 – Jennifer Iacovelli, author of Simple Giving thanked me for my review and shared it with her Twitter and Facebook followers.
  • August 5 – Andrew Smith, author of Winger thanked me for my 2013 response, favorited it and retweeted it.
  • June 30 – Because life couldn’t get better as a book blogger, Paulo Coehlo shared my response to Veronika Decides to Die (from 2014) on Twitter. Seriously, I hadn’t even gotten over the 12th.
  • April 28 – David Morrell thanked me and responded to my review of First Blood (Rambo) on Twitter.


  • December 30 – Amy Lane retweeted my response to Christmas Kitsch and thanked me for enjoying it and letting her know about my response (I started a thing where I retweet old reviews :-D).
  • October 20 – Michael War retweeted and favorited my response to Outdated and later said my post made his day (after I thanked him for the RT of course :-D). In December he liked my post on Goodreads.
  • July 11 – Megan Shepherd, author of The Madman’s Daughter Trilogy, most recently Her Dark Curiosity, favorited my response on Twitter.
  • May 19 – Anne Tenino, author of the Theta Alpha Gamma series, and most recently Poster Boy, favorited my response on Twitter. (Riptide Publishing added me to their list of reviews, the second page.)
  • May 17 – Kay Redfield Jamison, author of An Unquiet Mind, shared my response with her Facebook followers with almost 400 likes, over 120 shares and 40 comments.
  • April 03 – Bruce Holsinger, author of A Burnable Book, tweeted a thank you for my thoughtful response after the AMAZING Heather retweeted my response, like she always does because she’s wonderful 🙂


  • August 09 – T. B. Markinson, a good book blogging friend, mentioned my response twice, and another blogger linked to it when TBM did an author interview about her debut novel A Woman Lost.
  • August 05 – Andrew Smith, author of Winger, thanked me for my response and retweeted it after Adam at Roofbeam Reader sent it to him via twitter.
  • February 28 – Cécile David-Weill, author of The Suitors reblogged my response on her personal blog/website after emailing to say thanks for the response.
  • February 13 – Alex Beecroft, author of Blessed Isle, uses excerpts from my response on her personal website.
  • February 02 – The wicked cute Chris Stedman, author of Faitheist, responds to my (and Heather’s) twitter conversation and retweets my response. (Just goes to show you never know whose watching on social media :-D)


  • November 13 – Susan Jane Bigelow, author of Ramona’s Demon a short story in The Collection mentions my response on her website.
  • November 01 – Kathleen Winter author of Annabel retweets my response and says she loved my nuanced reading of the book.
  • October 24 – Michael Scott author of The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel tweets me in response to my response of the final book in the series, The Enchantress.

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