One Year Anniversary! Part 3

The third and final post of the day! Yes, it is a bit excessive, but it’s your blogs anniversary only once a year!

Work In ProgressAs I realized the one year anniversary was approaching I began making minor changes to the blog. I switched themes to a darker, more modern theme and started cleaning up post tags and internal links to other posts. Below are other things I’ve already changed and things I want to change in the near future!

Check out what I’ve already changed:

  • Upcoming Books – I’ve recreated each of the pages including embedding an up-to-date Google document on the My Reading List page of my infamously long list of books to read (currently at 295) books. I’m hoping to clean up the Booker Prize page and to actually get some of the Suggested books read.
  • Recommend a Book – Again with the help of Google Docs, I’ve embedded a form which allows people to recommend books. I’ve not done a great job at reading many yet, but they are definitely on my radar! If you haven’t, you should recommend a book! If enough people recommend Twilight I might eventually read it (cough Alie and Tom cough).

And keep an eye out for things I hope to change:

  • Create an updated and accurate About me and About this blog page. Now it still sits as my original post from July 20, 2010 talking about the 50 book challenge.
  • Switch the blog over to geoffwhaley.com and maybe get a little crazy and try my hand at some CSS/design with a hosted website.
  • And if I get a good amount of free time and some amazing design skills, create a static homepage with a bookshelf similar to the iBooks app (I think) where you can click on the books and it’ll open up the reviews/blog posts.

My plans aren’t grandiose, and I don’t think they’ll be too complicated if I put my mind to them. I started this blog for fun and hopefully I can keep it going as long as it remain so. Let me know what you think about the changes, or if there are any others I should make!


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