Another Year Has Gone By

Four YearsI interrupt my regularly scheduled Monday/Wednesday/Friday posts to announce TODAY is my four-year blogoversery! And with that in mind I’m planning to take the week off from responding to books, my weekly posts and what not and look back on the past four years!

It really is hard to believe that four years ago today I started my little corner of the internet. I’ve had blogs before and most of them I abandoned pretty quickly, but this one stuck.  I honestly thought I’d last two-to-three years and abandon, it but I guess when you write for yourself and not for an audience you stick with things longer than you would imagine!

As I said above, rather than keep up with my regular posting schedule—it’s really a ploy to get more time to prepare reviews for next week—I’m going to look back AND forward on the blog. This harkens back to my first anniversary where I wrote three separate posts celebrating one full year of blogging: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. I will definitely include a numbers recap one day like I did for my second and third anniversaries, but I wanted to just take a week to have fun and enjoy myself.

So for the week here’s what to expect:

Monday – My Reflection

Tuesday – A Scathing Critique (Maybe?)

Wednesday – Numbers, Numbers, Numbers!

Thursday – What’s Next?

Friday – A Not So Secret Surprise

And, in case you didn’t realize it, and because it’s July (I don’t really like Christmas music in December—I’m a winter baby), I’ve pulled my post title from Celine Dion’s Another Year Has Gone By, which is one of my favorite Christmas songs.


16 thoughts on “Another Year Has Gone By”

    1. Thanks! I’m still asking myself that. I looked at the books the other day and it’s almost 300 posts! If I’d’ve kept up that first year it would be by now.


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