April 2012 Update

It has been a very long month, but it has gone by fairly fast.  From a reading perspective I’m definitely glad I was so far ahead at the end of March as I haven’t had much leisure time this month.  I have managed to get most of the way through Gone With the Wind and plan on having a review up by Monday at the latest, but it has definitely been a trek.  I also have to read First Blood by David Morrell for our Books into Movies book group and watch the film by this coming Monday.  All I know about the book is that it introduced Rambo to the world.

Last week at work we kicked off the season with our annual gala. It was definitely a success, but the coolest part, at least concerning this book blog, was that Scholastic Book Clubs, one of our sponsors, provided copies of The Hunger Games trilogy for every guest!  Although it was a bit of a pain unpacking all 525 copies and getting them into our swag bags – it was totally worth it.  It was funny to see our student volunteers and our adult guests get so excited over a set of books and many tried to sneak out multiple copies!  On a side note, the books actually weighed a ton – the shipping document said 2080 lbs!

On the book buying front, I broke my spell of no-book buying except for book group if I couldn’t get it from the library (which is pretty good – lasting 4+ months).  I purchased copies of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire for Tom to read (he hasn’t read a single one – he says he has plans to read them this summer, but for shame…), The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (for book group in June or July) and a copy of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society as I’d seen it everywhere and loved the sound of the title and the basic premise is intriguing – plus it was only $1.00 with my coupon.


7 thoughts on “April 2012 Update”

  1. Excellent deals!
    First: I have Gone With the Wind on my Back to the Classics Challenge list…let me know what you think!
    Second: UM, FREE copies of Hunger Games? (or books for that matter?) FANTASTIC. I too just got a bunch of free stuff from work, but it was Office Max office supplies (but hey, free is free! they make erasable highlighters, and see through post-its, retractable white out tape…but I digress!).. .what a fantastic part to the swag bag at your company!
    Third: I have the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society on my TBR list too 🙂


    1. Gone With the Wind was a good read – but it really is a tome. It let me reminisce about my childhood growing up in the South. And I know right? It was crazy that they donated them – and I’ll take free office supplies any day!


      1. Good to know it’ll take some time to get through; I’ll plan accordingly! Do you find the lifestyle here in Boston much different from growing up in the South?


        1. Not too different – it helps I came here via England and spent a few summers working in Rhode Island. The biggest difference is the pace of life and the etiquette, it’s so much faster and can come across so much more rude! Sometimes I miss the slowness of the South and then I go home and it’s like good grief hurry up. And the etiquette is just an East coast thing that I’ve always loved – it’s just a bit stuffier up here.


          1. Oh well that’s good. I’ve heard it can be quite a culture shock! And I’ve also heard the pace of life is one of the biggest differences. Sometimes I think I would like the slower pace, and other times I like when things move quickly. 🙂


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