Welcome 2011

Clearly I’ve done a bad job updating the blog over the last couple of months. Since I last updated, I have read:

(I fully recommend the Scott novels, they’re for young adults, but they’re quick reads and are a great random take on history.) I have also read Role Models by John Waters and am half way through Cider House Rules by John Irving. (Role Models and Cider House Rules will be books one and two of 2011 even though technically two of the Scott books are from 2011.

Thank you bookshelfporn.com

In total I read 52 books in 2010 and those are just the ones I can remember and tracked. I’m sure there were others and definitely a few more re-reads than I originally listed, but I did alright. I’m not really going to push myself this year, but I did set a Goodreads goal of 63 books to increase from last year (and the three to include the three I’ve already read this year). If you’re not on there you should be and add me! I finally deleted visual bookshelf from Facebook because the Living Social app had taken over and it was annoying.

My list of books to read is, as ever, increasing faster than I can read them and we’re currently at a grand total of 290, with another 15-20 easily to add to that list. I’ve managed to keep it under 300 and I will continue to do so.

I didn’t set any goals/resolutions this year, but I think staying in touch with family, updating this blog and being healthier are pretty standard goals of every year.


2 thoughts on “Welcome 2011”

  1. I’m also considering a re-design, but I haven’t officially decided. I really like the archives page of this layout and the borders they put on all the pictures. We’ll see though.


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