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Four Years: Part 5 – Come Read With Me

The Oddness Moving BookcastAs I mentioned on Sunday, and have alluded to on numerous occasions over the past few months I’ve been planning something for quiet some time. For those of you that have followed The Oddness of Moving Things for a while, you might remember the Oddness Moving Bookcast I tried to do last August. If you don’t remember them, you can find them here and here. That’s the artwork over to the right.

I only made two episodes even though I’d drawn up plans for at least three or four, but what I didn’t realize was how difficult it was to fill 10-to-15 minutes on my own. Don’t get me wrong, I love talking to myself, but between having to talk to myself for 10-to-15 minutes and then listen to myself over and over while editing, needless to say I gave up pretty quick.

Flash forward a few months and my friend Josh (check out his awesome Flckr) made a passing comment that planted a seed in my mind. I don’t remember what we were talking about, probably Who Charted? which he introduced me to, but he ended up saying something along the lines of “I’d read a book to do a podcast with you.” And then my nerdiness kicked in and this happened:

Come Read With Me 6

The good news is that I’ve already recorded three podcasts! I’ve only finished editing one, but who cares I’ve already recorded three! That’s the cover-art that I made for it, you’ll understand it when/if you listen to it, but I’m happy at the ridiculously punnyness of it! (If you’re a graphic designer and can make one even better feel free!)

The idea stemmed from that brief conversation with Josh and the myriad podcasts I listen to. I’ve taken a bit from my favorite podcasts like Who Charted?The Readers (and probably Here Read This – even though I’ve never listened to it), You Wrote The BookStoryCorps and many others to create this podcast. Basically, a friend and I read the same book and then get together and record our discussion. I use it as a way to learn more about my friends and their reading history and fun facts. Patrick, from what will eventually be Episode 3, said it best—it’s a post-modern book club! So far I’ve only managed to record in person, but my best friend from growing up has already committed to recording one with me (probably remotely) and if I can sort that out the world will be wide open!

I plan to release a teaser episode on July 31st (I have to try to remember how to get it on iTunes) and what that will do will allow my feed to appear on iTunes. I will then release Episode 1 in mid-to-late August. I don’t want to over-commit as it takes quite a while to edit the episodes. It’s amazing how much you can talk about when you talk about books! (Needless to say we get distracted in every episode, but that’s half the fun.) I think at least until I can build a bit of a back catalogue I’ll probably release them every other month for the first bit and then maybe monthly? Who knows really? (I sure don’t.)

There are so many great things about this, but I’m excited my blogging friends will get to “meet” some of my friends that I mention occasionally on here! So far I’ve recorded with my friends Caroline, Caitrin and Patrick. I won’t reveal the books, but they were all great! I’ve a list of other friends, including Josh at some point, that have already said they’ll do it, now just to find a book to read and the time to record and edit. Mostly I’m just excited about this new journey and can’t wait to share it with everyone and I hope you’ll all give them a listen when I release them!


14 thoughts on “Four Years: Part 5 – Come Read With Me”

  1. This is very exciting. How difficult is the editing process? I’ve been tempted to do it, but when I think about the technology involved I run back into my cave, whimpering. Looking forward to see where this goes. Best of luck!


    1. Thanks! It’s not too difficult, but I’m such a perfectionist and I’m so peculiar that things I want to edit out could probably be left in. I’m sure if I can keep up the momentum, the editing will get easier and I’ll get less retentive about it.


  2. Looking forward to hearing these! I’ve often thought about video or audio projects but I just can’t bring myself to follow through with them. Too scary… 🙂


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