Oddness Moving Bookcast Episode 2

The Oddness Moving BookcastI know every one of you have been desperately waiting for this, the second episode of The Oddness Moving Bookcast! I’m impressed I was able to get it out on my two-week schedule as originally planned. I’ve recorded it in three different sittings so I’m sure I sound a little off at different times.

This episode I discuss the Sochi Olympics and Patricia Nell Warren’s iconic novel The Front Runner. I apologize in advance the editing is a little rough this week, I’m still learning, and I definitely went off on a few tangents and should probably learn to plan out a bit better than I have these past two podcasts.

If you haven’t subscribed on iTunes you totally should by clicking here or searching for ‘The Oddness Moving Bookcast’ in the iTunes store. If you don’t have iTunes or a device that lets you listen to podcasts you can listen below.


4 thoughts on “Oddness Moving Bookcast Episode 2”

  1. Sorry for all the cutting. Hopefully it’s not as noticeable on your end. Like I said I’m still learning how best to edit and create these things. I also apparently say ‘you know’ a lot. Wow.


  2. Can you link me to the LGBTQ blogs you follow? I didn’t know a lot of what was going on in Russia and the UK, and I really need to know this stuff. I can’t believe I haven’t read about this stuff (except for what happened to Pussy Riot).

    Great bookcast.


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