Oddness Moving Bookcast Episode 1

The Oddness Moving BookcastSo if you see this you’ve either got me RSS fed or get the email. Right now I’m just playing around with this idea, but I think I’m going to start a podcast of some sort which allows me to expand on things that I write on this blog. I’ve already got a few ideas for follow-up podcasts, but this first one is just an attempt at figuring out if I can actually do the technological aspect of it.  Don’t judge too harshly 🙂 I recorded this during my long weekend this weekend and I even made the little image myself which went a lot easier when I realized I was in Photoshop (which I don’t know how to use very well) and not InDesign (which I do now how to use relatively well).


13 thoughts on “Oddness Moving Bookcast Episode 1”

  1. I’m a little shocked I actually hit the publish button. I had to publish it before I could put it on iTunes, which is the big technological feat. If anyone actually listens to it let me know what you think! It is a little under 10 minutes and only full of background on the blog and the podcast for this first one.


  2. I love your voice. Very soothing and yet also passionate. A nice addition to the blog. Someone suggested I start doing podcasts, but I have a chipmunk voice and can’t subject people to that.


    1. Haahaa. Thanks! You should totally do one. I can’t wait to talk about all the great podcasts I’ve discovered recently which made me think I should do one.


  3. Great podcast! I love the idea, and I agree with the previous comments about your voice. I have always wanted to do voiceover/audiobook reading, but I don’t even know where to begin. What did you use to record/edit?


    1. Thanks! I’m excited for the next ones and want to start recording the next one 🙂 I used Garageband on my iMac and just a USB logitech microphone headset I found in the attic. I was worried about sound quality and what not, but I guess it turned out okay.


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