Workout Wednesday

Workout Wednesday – May 2014

Better late than never, but here’s my monthly recap. I’ll blame it on my social calendar and my exhaustion of finally getting back into the CrossFit swing.I did go once last month and was very proud of myself, but then immediately took two weeks off. Ouch. But this past week I started back again and have already been twice in addition to maintaining my pseudo-running schedule at the moment.

On the left I realized that just getting there is a huge accomplishment and wrote an entire blog about it on my other blog, on the right is a photo that the coach took during our Monday class and I was really hoping I didn’t make it in, but I did (on the left) but thankfully that means there is photographic evidence I went!

On the running front I’ve had a few setbacks recently, but I will persevere. The setbacks are mostly mental, but my body is going to take a few weeks to readjust to running and CrossFit-ting, but it is something that needs to happen.

On the other hand, I’m excited to have finally been able to start running and walking outside again now the weather has been nicer, mostly, (photo, bottom left). I’ve also created a I’ve created a baseline for my 10k I plan to run in the fall (top right) and I will be running my first solo 5k tomorrow, assuming I can get to the starting line on time and there aren’t any hiccups. It’s in a really weird location in the Boston/Cambridge area that isn’t exactly public transportation friendly.


5 thoughts on “Workout Wednesday – May 2014”

  1. Yay for the warmer weather! I have been enjoying the nice weather here too! I say it’s a win for you if you even make it to the race. If there is a place in Chicago that’s not public transportation friendly I probably won’t go there. LOL.


    1. Yeah. I just really like the guy who runs them and he always puts on a great race. Plus it was free and includes food as I volunteered preciously.


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