Book 572: Tip of the Iceberg – Mark Adams

I REALLY want to go back to Alaska. Like really really want to go back and reading this book is almost enough to make me want to LIVE there. And that’s just crazy for me who has a love/hate relationship with cities. I received a copy Tip of the Iceberg: My 3,000-Mile Journey Around Wild Alaska, The Last Great American Frontier from the publisher* and I really wish I would’ve read it earlier.

Adams has a way with words and really putting you into the place he’s visiting. I remember when I tried to recap our Alaskan cruise I struggled (and still struggle) to talk about the beauty and the sheer immensity of everything you see when you’re there. We only visited the panhandle (the furthest north we went was Skagway) and I cannot even imagine visiting some of the places Adams visited during his trek.

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Culture Corner

Culture Corner – September 2014

2014 09-08 %22Australian%22 Meat PiesThis post is short on words but has LOTS of pictures. This is because I’m still behind catching up on blogging and this month starts the busiest season for me at work.

A few weeks ago I was staying at Tex’s place and we went for a long walk (you’ll hear more about my laziness in my Workout Wednesday soon) and explored what he called “The Monument.” I had no idea what it was, but it was actually really pretty. Probably counteracting the walk we also went to Ko, an Australian pastry shop. I’m not sure what was Australian about them, they tasted pretty British to me, but they were delicious!

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30x30, Personal Project

30 x 30: #9 – Get up solely to see the sunrise and watch the sunset on the same day

2014 09-13 Sunrise SelfieI love the sunrise, but I rarely get up JUST to see the sunrise, so I knew this would go on my list from the beginning. There’s something so peaceful about the sunrise and when you think about how there are so many more people who see the sunset than the sunrise, it’s a bit of a treat to see one.

As soon as I found out I was going to spend three days in Acadia I knew that it would be an excellent place to see the sunrise and I was NOT wrong! After we were up there, I found out that Acadia, and specifically Cadillac Mountain, is, according to them, the first place the sun hits on the east coast and it certainly felt like it. Although we were freezing (it was in the 40s), it was definitely worth getting up and if you’re EVER up there you should check it out.

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30x30, Personal Project

30 x 30: #12 – Spend a day with no technology

2014 09-12 Acadia National Park - Cadillac SummitThis might be my favorite 30 x 30 list item so far. It is the twelfth item I have completed and is one of THREE I did this past weekend while visiting Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor in Maine.

I added this to my list for the same reason I deleted Facebook from my phone. Some days you just spend too much time staring at a screen (eight plus hours a day five days a week) and that doesn’t even include your phone time!

When I first added this to the list, I should’ve clarified the primary intention was no internet or social media, but I did my best to stick to no technology in general. It became difficult as I realized how beautiful Acadia was and I stole a phone a few times to snap a photo (like the above and below), but I didn’t once check in on social media or email. I was, however, VERY glad I saved my sunrise and sunset experience for the next day so that I could document it with my camera and not feel guilty!

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30x30, Personal Project

30 x 30: #11 – Grow something from a bulb or seed

2014 05-08 Lemon Basil SeedsI’m calling this one a success, even though I didn’t get to make pesto! I figured if I was growing something it should be something useful, even though the original plan was for something just for aesthetic value.

I picked up the Lemon Mrs. Burns basil from what used to be a farm stand and is now a grocery store and greenhouse near my house back in May and planted them that day!

This item came from Caroline’s suggestions to my list and I really liked the idea for a couple of reasons. I don’t really have a green thumb, so that would make it a challenge, it would either be beautiful or useful (or both) AND, most importantly, one of my coworkers from my old job gave me a set of beautiful handmade clay pots she made with me in mind!

2014 09-06 Best Gift Ever

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Workout Wednesday

Workout Wednesday – May 2014

Better late than never, but here’s my monthly recap. I’ll blame it on my social calendar and my exhaustion of finally getting back into the CrossFit swing.I did go once last month and was very proud of myself, but then immediately took two weeks off. Ouch. But this past week I started back again and have already been twice in addition to maintaining my pseudo-running schedule at the moment.

On the left I realized that just getting there is a huge accomplishment and wrote an entire blog about it on my other blog, on the right is a photo that the coach took during our Monday class and I was really hoping I didn’t make it in, but I did (on the left) but thankfully that means there is photographic evidence I went!

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Book Group, Books

Book 113: Dances with Wolves – Michael Blake

This is one of those few books recently that is not involved with a challenge, but I did read it for my Books into Movies book group. Overall I enjoyed the book, the film was so-so and I was incredibly disturbed/upset by the book group discussion.

As usual I won’t talk much about the plot or the characters, but I will give my reactions in three parts 1) the book, 2) the movie, and 3) my reactions to the book group discussion.

The Book
I was surprised I enjoyed the book as much as I did. I would not have gone out of my way to read it, but as usual, I’m glad I read it. It was beautifully written and I thought it captured the magnificence of the open plains and the west before expansion. The story itself was believable, but it was a bit of a stretch. Not knowing much about the time period or the people I can’t say for certain it could have happened or that similar things didn’t happen.

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