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Book 279: It’s Complicated (Tucker Springs #7) – L. A. Witt

Witt, L.A. - It's Complicated (Tucker Springs #7)I love it when authors start to stretch their writing muscles and it works out well for them. I’ve read quite a four books by Witt at this point, all within this series, and each one feels better written and more fleshed out which is GREAT! And as with After the Fall Witt keeps this series going wonderfully. I once again received a copy of this book from Riptide Publishing (Thanks!) and received no compensation in response for my honest opinion, so read on!

I’ll get the minor negative out-of-the-way first and then go on to gushing about the greatness of the book. The only problem I had with It’s Complicated was that I struggled because Witt’s writing convinced me multiple times that this was a sequel to another story, that I should’ve known Brad and Jeff’s story.

I believe this is in part due to Witt stretching her writing muscles, YAY!, and in part due to my confusion of the story and stopping multiple times to go back and read my blog posts to see if it was one of the earlier stories. I can’t blame Witt for writing a story this way as I begin 99% of my conversations as if I’m mid-conversation, but with this book it caught me off guard because this is part of an established universe.

This, starting in the middle of a story, worked in Witt’s favor on some aspects as well! If you’ve ever read this blog before you know I have issues with romance novels and unrealistic time frames, but with this novel starting in the middle of a potential break-up/make-up allows for the super steamy sex scene within the first 20-25 pages completely okay.

I wasn’t so sure about what happened the next day, with Jeff’s ex having a his baby after a one night stand when Jeff and Brad were not together, but it added a different and more mature dimension to the Tucker Springs universe. It actually brought it from what seemed predominantly a college aged town/story (even though all of the characters are older) into a more mature category along he lines of the Senses series by Andrew Grey.

Recommendation: I’d definitely recommend the entire series and you can read them in any order but check out the full list I’ve reviewed of the series under Tucker Springs.This, the newest addition, makes me even more excited about where the series could, and hopefully will, go!

Opening Line: “I thought I was nervous on our first date.”

Closing Line: “We’d all found our way home.” (Whited out.)



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