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Book 503: Win at Losing – Sam Weinman

I’m still making headway on my pile of galleys/ARCs from the end of 2016 and early 2017.* Now this one is read I think I’m down to under five!

This is another one of those Tarcher Perigee books that I wouldn’t necessarily go out of my way to read, but the publisher reached out to me and it sounded interesting enough that I figured why not through it into the mix and thankfully, it covered a lot more than just sports (which I was really worried about at first).

The entire premise of this book is Weinman’s son throws a fit after a tennis match he “clearly” should’ve won, but didn’t and Weinman pondered the idea of losing and not just losing, but losing in such a way that it became iconic in certain aspects of our culture.

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Workout Wednesday

Workout Wednesday – September 2014

2014 09-18 Thompson Island Race FieldWhat can I say? I’ve been less than lethargic recently. Glacial. Snail-ish. Sloth-like. Are slow lorises actually slow? On the plus side I did “run” (speed walk) a 4k last week with my sister and that was a lot of fun and you can read about that here. Thankfully, I wasn’t in any of the official photos, but if you click that link above you’ll see a great sibling selfie of my sister and I.

Even though I haven’t been good about working out and staying active, I’ve started to push myself to reach my 10,000 steps daily again thanks to my Fitbit, which is good, but I’ve got to get back to the gym. I can’t let all my hard work of last year go to waste (or even waist!).

I have done a decent job of keeping my food healthy-ish. Since I started dating it’s been hard, he loves to eat out, but were working our way back to healthy options (yay team work) and I’ll definitely reduce the eating out with phonathon (really long hours) coming up in the beginning of October.

But, YAY! I’m finally caught up on posts for now.

Anyone have any advice on getting back out there or exercising?

30x30, Personal Project

30 x 30: #5 – Run the Thompson Island 4k Trail Run

2014 09-18 Thompson Island Sibling SelfieMy 30×30 list is now 50% complete. BOOM! I’m definitely behind schedule, but I’ve got this.

I replaced the original #5 and #6 after I injured my ankle in late June and couldn’t run or work out for almost two months. So instead of running a 10k and a half marathon, hello first two items on my future 40×40 list, I added Run the Thompson Island 4k Trail Run and Bike 10 miles on the harbor walk.

My sister and I, sibling selfie above, agreed ages ago to do this trail run as it’s what first brought me to work for Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center (TIOBEC) I joined TIOBEC as a temp to help process data and they eventually found room in their budget to higher me full-time. While employed there I worked three trail runs and loved how much fun everyone had, but never got the chance to run one. Last year I had a conflict with my current job, but this year we were going to do it!

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Workout Wednesday

Workout Wednesday – August 2014

2014 08-06 Running and BikingI’m posting this a little later than usual as I wanted to make sure I survived my first bike ride to work! As I mentioned on my other blog, Now Entering Adulthood, I’ve been plagued with injuries and laziness over the past three-to-four months. I’d love to blame it all on the injuries, but I just can’t.

After finally seeing a doctor and getting the okay (with some minor restrictions), I had my first 5k since April at the end of July. It was the Jerry Garcia Memorial 5k, so you know it would be fun and it was, but it showed me two things. The first is that the recovery from my ankle injury is going to take quite a bit of time and the second is that my running has really suffered over the past few months. (The left picture up there makes me look like I’m moving a lot faster than I am, really I was covering my face so Caroline wouldn’t take a picture of me!)

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Workout Wednesday

Workout Wednesday – June 2014

NYC WalkingThis is just a quick post, mostly because I’m sure everyone is tired of hearing about NYC. Don’t worry, there’s only one post left after this which will be all art all the time!

I’m finally getting back into the swing of CrossFit and have been to at least one session every week for the past three weeks. My trip to NYC affected this, but I will go on Friday! Thankfully I walked a lot, as in upwards of 30,000 steps a day, while in NYC, photo to the right from my FitBit, but I need to get back into CrossFit and start seriously training with running again.

I think I’m to the point where I can run and CrossFit at the same time, but the last time I tried it I was so tired that week I just felt horrid. The major hurdle coming up is that it’s getting hot enough in the afternoons that I will be forced to run early in the morning (more 5AM days) or later in the evening. Ugh. But I won’t slide backwards!

Workout Wednesday

Workout Wednesday – May 2014

Better late than never, but here’s my monthly recap. I’ll blame it on my social calendar and my exhaustion of finally getting back into the CrossFit swing.I did go once last month and was very proud of myself, but then immediately took two weeks off. Ouch. But this past week I started back again and have already been twice in addition to maintaining my pseudo-running schedule at the moment.

On the left I realized that just getting there is a huge accomplishment and wrote an entire blog about it on my other blog, on the right is a photo that the coach took during our Monday class and I was really hoping I didn’t make it in, but I did (on the left) but thankfully that means there is photographic evidence I went!

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Workout Wednesday

Workout Wednesday – April 2014

2014 04-08 Fool's Dual T-Shirt and BibSo remember in May and June of last year when I started Workout Wednesday’s? Remember my passionate statements, in both posts, “I hate running”? Don’t believe me, go to the homepage and search “I hate running,” keep the quotation marks because it’s in there exactly and both of those posts will come up. What’s funny is this entire post is pretty much just about running!

While I wouldn’t put it at the top of my favorite things list, I’ve definitely gotten to the point where I find enjoyment in it. I really must, in April I even read a book about running (What I Talk About When I Talk About Running) and I somehow convinced myself to put both a 10k and a half-marathon on my 30 before 30 list. I’m also overly excited about being able to run outside again and take long walks where Caroline and I plan out our lives now the days are longer and the weather much more cooperative, so clearly there’s been some change of heart…

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