Book 150: The Enchantress – Michael Scott

[To read my 2016 response to the re-read of the series click here.]

Now THIS is how you end a series. Although I’m definitely sad about quite a few things, it took until the final ten pages for me to find out what was going to happen. And when I realized I scared the dogs because I yelled out ‘NO WAY!’ in excitement and wonder and then jumped up and paced while I read the last few pages.

After the lackluster ending to the Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer, I wasn’t sure I wanted to read the last book of Michael Scott’s The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, but I am glad I did. Although I didn’t appreciate it as much as I should have (it’s been over a year since I read book 5), it was definitely an awesome ending! I think I’m going to have to purchase copies of the series and re-read them next year. Good thing work got me a $100 gift certificate to a local book store and I recently purchased to Groupons/Google Local coupons for a total of $50 (I only paid $25) for two local used book stores 😀

The reason I fell in love with this series is the fact that Scott took well-known historical and mythological figures and brought them back to life (or well, kept them alive from when they supposedly died) and gave them amazing personalities. Virginia Dare is by far one of my favorites, but I also loved how quirky William Shakespeare is in the series.

The reason I kept reading the series to the end is that Scott really knows how to write an ending and leave you hanging! The entire series takes place over one week, but it feels like lifetimes because you learn about the history of many characters and they travel to different Shadowrealms and all over earth. I remember Book 6, The Warlock, feeling like a bit of a let down until the very end when Scott reveals a huge shocker, but then in this final installment he flips all of that on its head again!

Recommendation: If you enjoyed the Harry Potter or Percy Jackson series, then these are a MUST! If you like historical fiction and alternative history, then these are a MUST! If you enjoy ‘young adult’ literature and action adventure, then these are a MUST! Basically if you like to read and want something fun, creative and awesomely entertaining then you should DEFINITELY read this series.

Opening Line: “I am legend. There was a time when I said that death had no claim over me, that illness could not touch me.”

Closing Line: “We were at Aoife and Niten’s wedding last month. Scathach was her bridesmaid. Everyone cried.” (Whited out.)


5 thoughts on “Book 150: The Enchantress – Michael Scott”

  1. I too loved the series. I am baffled by the ending even though I enjoyed it. Can you explain how Josh and the hooked man can be one and the same.


    1. Hey Jill, Thanks for stopping by and for the comment. I definitely get the confusion! If you remember the majority of The Enchantress takes place 10,000 years before the rest of the series. At the end of book 5, they went back in time and thus when Josh makes his decision he’s back at the beginning of time and he’s starting the entire cycle over again. Hope that makes sense.


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