Book 447: The Enchantress (The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel #6) – Michael Scott

Scott, Michael - The EnchantressAs with The Warlock, I wish I had as much enthusiasm and glowing things to say about this book as I did the first time I read it. I picked up this copy way back in 2013 and it’s sat on my shelf since then. I’m glad I’ve re-read them so I can clear up the shelf space now. (I didn’t even technically read it this time as I checked out digital copies from the library to take to China to save space :-D)

It is still a great read and an amazing conclusion to the series, but it’s just not as full of impact or as powerful as I remember it being. This is because of the big reveals in The Warlock that I wrote about at the end and how that reveal is then discussed and explained (and even sort of thrown away) in this book. For me, it’s the reveal I talk about in the next paragraph that made the re-read so hard. It’s one of those things, similar to an unreliable narrator, that is just a major turn off for me when it comes to a book.

The truths of the series are again turned on their head and knowing they were coming, made the re-read that much harder. the primary truth being Josh and Sophie’s relationship (Josh was found in a Neanderthal camp shortly after the Fall of Danu Talis, and Sophie was found in Russia in the ninth or tenth century 30,000 years after. Whited out and stolen from Wikipedia, but basically an exact quote from the book).

All of this being said, across all five previous reviews (The Alchemyst, The Magician, The Sorceress, The Necromancer and The Warlock) where I’ve complained about this re-read I was reminded about how great the series truly is and it comes down to this:

“Everyone likes to believe in a legend or two.” (Loc. 1972)

Scott’s ability to write about long dead characters as if they’re alive today and to give them such unique and believable personalities is astounding. From all walks of life, from cultures all over the globe, he has created a truly diverse and enjoyable cast of characters that I was sad to leave when the story finished.

I did like that the final reveal of who Josh was/is/becomes. I remember the first time reading it that it was one of the biggest and best reveals. Reading over it this time it was funny to see all the references to how familiar the character was and to learn about even more of what the character was doing and working towards.

Again, as I’ve said, I doubt I will ever revisit this series, but I would highly recommend it to anyone who has an interest in history or mythology/folklore. I even think reluctant readers would appreciate it because it’s full of familiar names, but it takes their “boring” history and turns it into amazing action packed adventures to save all the worlds.

Recommendation: Same for the entire series, if you’re reading them for the first time I’m sure you will LOVE them! The myths and legends Scott brings to life throughout the series are so well crafted and have such great personalities they stay with you. The only downside of the series, and this is coming from a re-read perspective, is that it’s hard to ignore what you know at the end. It was really hard not to let what I know about the end of the series affect my re-read of the series. For a lot of the time I was able to ignore it, but it was always there.

Opening Line: “I am legend.”

Closing Line: “P.P.S. We were at Aoife and Niten’s wedding last month. Scathach was her bridesmaid. Everyone cried. —M” (Whited out to avoid spoilers, highlight to read.)

Additional Quotes from The Enchantress
“You must remember, Sophie, that not all monsters wear bestial shapes.” (Loc. 261)

“I have watched the human world for generations. I have seen heroes and villains. I have studied families and individuals, followed entire lineages for endless centuries. I understand humankind, I know what drives them, what motivates them. I know how and why they love and what they fear. And then there is you…. You are a mystery.” (Loc. 2013)

“I spent my entire life chasing this book. Over the centuries, I came close to securing it. But from the moment I finally got it into my hands, everything changed. It should have been my greatest triumph.” (Loc. 2036)

“He had no affection for what was to come, but this brief time, when all preparations for battle were made and there was nothing left to do but wait, when the entire world felt still, as if it was holding its breath, was special. This moment, when he was facing death, was when he felt completely, fully alive.” (Loc. 2727)

“We have a reason to be here. We have a cause. In my experience, a warrior with a cause is the most dangerous soldier of all.” (Loc. 3542)

“Vegetarian, Billy decided. When all this excitement was over and done with, he was turning vegetarian. Vegan, actually. Nothing that crawled, walked, slithered or swam was going into his mouth ever again. Especially nothing with legs.” (Loc. 5398)

“I have always known that the fate of our worlds—yours and mine—is at the mercy of individuals. The actions of a single person can change the course of a world and create history.” (Loc. 5667)


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