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30 x 30: #5 – Run the Thompson Island 4k Trail Run

2014 09-18 Thompson Island Sibling SelfieMy 30×30 list is now 50% complete. BOOM! I’m definitely behind schedule, but I’ve got this.

I replaced the original #5 and #6 after I injured my ankle in late June and couldn’t run or work out for almost two months. So instead of running a 10k and a half marathon, hello first two items on my future 40×40 list, I added Run the Thompson Island 4k Trail Run and Bike 10 miles on the harbor walk.

My sister and I, sibling selfie above, agreed ages ago to do this trail run as it’s what first brought me to work for Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center (TIOBEC) I joined TIOBEC as a temp to help process data and they eventually found room in their budget to higher me full-time. While employed there I worked three trail runs and loved how much fun everyone had, but never got the chance to run one. Last year I had a conflict with my current job, but this year we were going to do it!

The run was last night and there were over 1,000 runners, above left is just a glimpse of the start line, registered again for the second year in a row and this is no mean feat. You figure out how to get 1,000+ runners (not including volunteers and staff) to an island for a trail run! But again, it was worth it absolutely. It was luxurious not having to deal with any of the logistics and just to enjoy the party aspect and the sunset over the Boston skyline (above right).

The best part was that even though we were “running” the race we had no plans of really exerting ourselves. Leigh, my sister, said she “had” to jog to keep up with me but I spent most of the walk explaining to her the history of the island and everything she was seeing. So I wasn’t surprised at our finish time, but what really mattered was that we both crossed simultaneously (I saved all my energy for the end):

2014 09-18 Thompson Island Sibling SynchronicityNo idea what my next race will be, probably the Jingle Bell Run, but I do know that I need to restart the Couch-to-5k in order to get back in running shape if I’m EVER going to do the Louisa May Alcott Orchard House 10k Run!


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