Culture Corner

Culture Corner – September 2014

2014 09-08 %22Australian%22 Meat PiesThis post is short on words but has LOTS of pictures. This is because I’m still behind catching up on blogging and this month starts the busiest season for me at work.

A few weeks ago I was staying at Tex’s place and we went for a long walk (you’ll hear more about my laziness in my Workout Wednesday soon) and explored what he called “The Monument.” I had no idea what it was, but it was actually really pretty. Probably counteracting the walk we also went to Ko, an Australian pastry shop. I’m not sure what was Australian about them, they tasted pretty British to me, but they were delicious!

After looking it up on Wikipedia and of course reading the plaques (a few above) I’d learned more about South Boston than I’d ever known before! Like why the holiday was called Evacuation Day and why it was created: they halved the Dorchester Heights Monument area to create South Boston High School due to the increasing immigrant population and well. And they made the holiday as compensation? Go read the story.

The week after that I had friends visiting from the UK and I took my friend Sophia to the MFA Boston. I think she really enjoyed it and I enjoyed seeing it from her perspective. I also enjoyed the new Hollywood Glamour exhibit and the new pieces/installations in the contemporary art wing.

Something else the MFA does great is engaging local students. There is always a community art exhibit and I really enjoyed finding the “Teen Arts Council” plaques where teenagers wrote creative pieces about their experiences in the museum and with certain artwork.

Not long after that (I think the same weekend at the end my friends were visiting) I went to Maine with Tex and one of his friends. It was an amazing experience and I absolutely loved Acadia National Park:

You can read about that here, here, here or here. It was an exhausting but amazing trip. While we were in Maine we stayed in Bar Harbor and it was this amazingly beautiful little town on Mt. Desert Island. And while there I tried clam chowder AND blueberry soda for the first time. I think the coolest part was walking from Bar Harbor over to Bar Island at low tide on the sandbar.

The bottom two photos are from that walk over and the one with the trees is from Bar Island looking at Bar Harbor. I’m so glad I went up there and I can’t wait to visit again, mostly because I discovered Big Chicken Barn Books and Antiques as we were leaving the state 😀


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