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Book 240: After the Fall (Tucker Springs #6) – L. A. Witt

Witt, L.A. - After the Fall (Tucker Springs #6)Now this is how you write a romance novel! There was one line that captured this for me, “A first kiss was usually a one-way ticket to a one-night stand or an awkward exit, but this one…I didn’t know where anything was going now.”

I was worried about where the Tucker Springs series was going, but L. A. Witt single-handedly brought the series back to a great, if predictable (it is romance after all), place and pace. I was so impressed with this addition to the series that I’m convinced I should probably look into whether Witt has written any other MM romances and it left me hoping she will contribute more to the series! I received a copy of After the Fall (link to the publisher’s site) from the publisher in return for my honest opinion of the novel. I received no compensation.

If you’ve read any of my reviews of romance novels you know my biggest problem is that the stories seem to take place overnight and the love interests develop overnight. Now maybe this is my reading style, but in general the way the books read is that they ARE like this. After the Fall however explicitly explains how long things take and I LOVED it!

In addition there was no kissing or touching or anything until well past a third of the way through the novel and that was GREAT! I mean half the pleasure is the build-up and Witt did a great job building up and she didn’t rush any of the scenes. And there were none of the pet names that I’ve found issues with in the past. The story itself was also engaging and the vehicle of the story, Tsarina the horse, was I thought well thought out and researched.

There are now enough characters in the Tucker Springs universe that I don’t know if I recognize them all and I spent part of the novel wondering if Nathan’s roommate was one of the characters from another novel that I should remember. I finally gave up when I recognized other characters like the Michael the acupuncturist from Where Nerves EndSeth the tattoo artist from Covet Thy Neighbor, and Owen from Never a Hero. And it was good to have them included in the story even if just a brief cameo appearance.

Recommendation: Definitely check it out! If there is only one negative to this novel it’s that it was too short! However, Witt left off at the right moment and I can’t complain about it.

Opening Line: “Yesterday, after ten years of dreaming, three years of saving, and almost a full year of searching for the perfect horse, I finally bought Tsarina.”

Closing Line: “If the day came when Ryan needed to ride off into the sunset, then he would. And I’d be right beside him.” (Whited out.)


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