Workout Wednesday

Workout Wednesday – March 2014

2014 02-19 Can't Make it to the GymNot much has changed this month. I’ve unfortunately not been to CrossFit but am looking forward to getting back into it, just need this weather to cooperate so I can get my butt out of bed in the mornings! No seriously look at the alarms I’ve had to set recently, and that’s not even all of them OR a gym day! That’s to get up and go to work. Thankfully the days have already started to get longer and hopefully that’ll make it easier to sort out my life.

2014 02-24 My New Favorite DressingIn addition to my struggling to get out of bed in the mornings, my eating healthier has been sort of hit or miss which is a bummer. However, the week before last I found this AWESOME dressing and it made my salads once again wonderful. I’ve also determined that it’s okay not to eat a salad every day of every week. They were starting to get so dull and repetitive that it’s perfectly okay to take a week off periodically and have sandwiches or wraps! Just not every week.

Now, don’t get me wrong I have kept up with my running and have my second 5k this coming weekend and I’m super excited! My sister and I are running the Rás na hÉireann 5k here in Somerville and then hanging out with friends all afternoon. I was hoping more friends would run but those that do run are prepping for a half-marathon next month (where I’ll run another 5k).

The most physical thing I did this month was SKIING! My friend Hayley invited us up to Loon Mountain, NH where her parents have worked for ages and it was so much fun.

From top to bottom left to right:

  • Fashion shot and my favorite of the weekend. Hayley took it half way down a trail while we were waiting on Caroline.
  • Lift pass – yay for friends and awesome parents!
  • Icky-uncomfortable boots, but yay for no broken bones.
  • Summit shot – we did a series of green runs all the way from the top of the mountain!
  • The beautiful Barley.

I forgot how much fun skiing was and I’m so glad I went even if I was SUPER sore for two days after!! I haven’t been skiing since I was about ten and it is sort of like riding a bike. I did the bunny slopes a few times and then went right to the green trails!

We did try one blue trail, but it was early in the day and the one we tried was super icy and needless to say we weren’t ready for the big difference in slope. With the exception of the blue trail the only times I fell was when I was trying NOT to run over a small child! It was ridiculous how busy the trails got, but thankfully by the end of the day the trails emptied out and we were able to have more fun.

I’m definitely planning on budgeting for more skiing next winter (it’s super expensive, but thankfully we had it super discounted) with my sister who snowboards! I’m sure I’ll post pictures of my 5k in next month’s recap and fingers crossed I can get back into CrossFit, I really miss those workouts, but not the soreness.


2 thoughts on “Workout Wednesday – March 2014”

  1. I agree with you on the not eating the same thing everyday for lunch thing. Variety is the spice of life! You look like you had so much fun skiing! That puppy is so pretty! Did you have something delicious to eat in your hand? He/she looks has that “can I have some bacon too?” look in the eyes. LOL.


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