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Book 265: It’s All Geek to Me – J. L. Merrow

Merrow, J. L. - It's All Geek To MeWhat a quick fun read! I thoroughly enjoyed this book and if Merrow were to expand this story into a longer novel, or even a series of short stories, I would definitely check it out. I received a copy of It’s All Geek to Me from the publisher, Riptide Publishing and received nothing in return for my honest opinion.

From the adorkable premise of the comic book store to the “aww” worthy ending, I couldn’t help but smile through this quick novella. I of course loved the two main characters, the gorgeously described Welshman Rhys and the adorably emotionally fragile protagonist Jez. Merrow did a great job building the tension between the Rhys and Jez and adding in a (not completely) unexpected turn. I wasn’t quite sure what the hidden secret was but I was so worried it was going to be something completely different and the actual reason was so adorable and their reactions were so adorable that I couldn’t help but smile.

As much as I loved the story, what was most notable about the novel was Merrow’s writing. Although some of the dialogue felt a bit forced overall it was cheeky and incredibly humorous. There were so many quips and one-liners mixed in with the super-insecure ramblings of Jez and they made the read incredibly fun and entertaining!

Recommendation: I’ve never read anything bot J. L. Merrow, but I thoroughly enjoyed her humor and wit. At only 51 pages, anyone could read this book, as long as you’re okay with a little M/M action. The only downside was its length 😦

Opening Line: “I was pretty sure I’d come to the right place.”

Closing Line: “‘God, yes,’ he said, and kissed me.” (Whited out.)


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