Lunch Break Interlude II

So it never fails that as soon as I post an update about what I’ve been up-to I realize there’s more to add! I could do a weekly recap or even stick to a monthly update – but I know I won’t.* Instead you get these random clumps of posts which are sort of like my personality – intense one minute and completely withdrawn the next. If you’re interested in my internal dialogue read the end of this post – if not just read the next two paragraphs 😀

I mentioned this in the April Update, but two weekends ago Tom and I took his nieces and met my sister to paint pottery.  Well, we were able to pick up our pottery this past weekend and the picture is to the left! 1) It’s a picture using Instagram on my new iPhone I got that weekend; and 2) it’s inspired by UNC – if you can’t tell from the colors. We went up for another reason, but I have to wait to post that picture.

We again stopped by the Used Book Superstore as they were having another great sale!(40% off all used books – and 50% if you used your own bag or didn’t need a bag.) I was very good and made a list of books to look for and only purchased three.  Michael Blakes’ Dances with Wolves for May Book Group and George Orwell’s 1984 and Aristophanes’ Lysistrata and Other Plays for my Back to the Classics and The Classics Club Challenges.

Other than that – I’ve just been chugging along.  I’m most of the way through Dogeaters by Jessica Hagedorn and am debating on what to read next. I really want to re-read The Hunger Games and Harry Potter, but think I might save those for summer reading by the lake.

*An Aside: I clearly have no logic to my postings other than this year trying my best to publish a review post within two days of finishing a book.  Other than that I just sort of faff around and post randomly and we end up with four posts in one week and nothing for a few weeks.  In the almost two year’s I’ve blogged – I’ve done two monthly updates (that I’ve actually called updates) and one lunch break interlude.

I keep telling myself I should do a regularly scheduled something-or-other, but it apparently just isn’t my thing.  The weekly memes are great and I enjoy reading them on other blogs, but I just don’t think it’s what I want to do so I don’t.  In general I write this for myself to force me to take a few minutes and react to the novels I read rather than just finishing one and picking up the next.  (I do appreciate the world out there – Hello world!, but I would be lying if I didn’t say this is totally a selfish blog for me :-D)


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