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Lunch Break Interlude III

Like I said on the last Lunch Break Interlude barely two weeks ago.  It never fails that if I post a regular update something else awesome comes along that I want to share.  So lucky for you dear blogging world  I don’t have a set schedule!

After all the hullabaloo (aka my What about Anne Brontë? series here, here and here) I realized I didn’t have any clue where my copies of Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre are and I tried to find three editions of those two and any Anne novel but couldn’t find separate editions 😦  Instead I splurged and spent most of my remaining Amazon gift cards from Christmas/Birthday on a nicer collection and a gift for Tom to the right. The book contains Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre and Agnes Grey.

On a completely different note, and the REAL reason for this post, last week Claire over at Word by Word (direct link to the post) posted about Tagxedo. Tagxedo is an awesome program you can enter a blog address or any amount of text and it will create a designed tag cloud for you. Mine is below.

I won’t lie – I did do multiple versions and I’m still not positive it scanned my whole blog.  This one feels like it focuses on the most recent posts and not the entire blog and this could be because I clip the posts on my main page so that they don’t overwhelm it.

But I still like this one! (There was one I did like because it had ODDNESS right across the middle of the cup, but this one I felt was a better representation.)  I specifically chose the cup because nothing is better on a winter day than a big cup of your favorite warm beverage (or soup!) and a good book.

I remember these not long after Facebook first came out and they were all the rage, but then they sort of disappeared for a while.  But like any good meme it seems to be making a flash appearance!

What does yours look like and do you think it’s accurate?


4 thoughts on “Lunch Break Interlude III”

    1. I could definitely see the British pint! Only reason I assumed it was a tea glass is the narrower base.

      The over representation of the classics was one of the reasons I wasn’t sure if it was completely accurate, but I guess I have read quite a few of them recently 😀


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