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Book 275: Love Comes Home (Senses #3) – Andrew Grey

Grey, Andrew - Love Comes HomeWelcome to my first ever participatory post in a blog tour 😀 I wasn’t really sure what that entailed, but once I found out it wasn’t far outside of my normal posts (with the addition of a few links at the bottom), I figured why not!

I requested a copy of this novel from the Dreamspinner Press and within the first 50 pages I knew I wanted to find out more about Andrew Grey. When I looked into him, I found out this was the third in the series! I immediately reached out to his publicist to see if I could get access to the first two and they kindly obliged. Last week you will, hopefully, have seen my reviews of Love Comes Silently and Love Comes in Darkness and I am glad to say Love Comes Home did NOT disappoint. I will say, as usual, take my review, and all of the others on Goodreads with a grain of salt. I unfortunately made the mistake of checking a few out and got frustrated as usual. This is my honest opinion and I received no compensation for it.

As I said, I read this book a few weeks ago and loved it so much I agreed to delay my post to fit into the blog tour and I’m glad I did as it gave me the time to read the first two in the series. While the series opener, Love Comes Silently, was a powerful opener, I felt Grey struggled a bit with Love Comes in Darkness, but he definitely brought it home (oh yeah baseball reference) with Love Comes Home.

In this novel we meet Greg and his son, Davey, who has a degenerating eye disease. As you an imagine this is incredibly stressful for Greg and to make matters worse life keeps moving forward while they learn to deal with this. Next enters Tom, a successful and attractive man, who happens to find himself incredibly attracted to Greg and you can imagine where the story goes from there. What the story focuses on and what I found fascinating was Tom’s discovery and introduction of beep baseball, baseball for seeing impaired individuals, to Davey and Greg. Grey explains all about it and provides a concise summary of the book on his website in The Story Behind Love Comes Home.

Where the author thrives, and where he struggled in Love Comes in Darkness, is balancing both Greg and Tom’s self-hesitation and self-doubt with their desires to be with and be successful with other. And, as with the first two in the series, the inclusion of a child in the story makes the story more dynamic and that much more realistic. I’m sure you (or I) could easily Google the statistics on single LGBT parents and be astounded, but I’ll leave that to you.

If there is one thing about the series which could be off-putting, it is the made-for-TV movie feeling about it, but honestly aren’t ALL romance novels in essence made-for-TV movies? Seriously, there is nothing wrong with this. Take a moment to read the Goodreads review with the graphics, then come back. I won’t critique the uselessness of the review, because let’s face it if you’re reading romance novels and expect more from them there’s something else wrong. Personally, when I read a romance novels I want them to be made-for-TV worthy. (Is this really an insult?) I want them to be predictable and pleasant. I want them to leave me with a ridiculous grin on my face feeling better about the world and sad that kind of perfect love doesn’t happen very often. And that’s what this book and series, even with their issues, provide(s).

You can buy a copy of the book directly from Dreamspinner Press (it’s on sale and EVERYBODY loves a sale!) or from All Romance eBooks as well as

Recommendation: I would definitely recommend this to anyone. The M/M sex scenes are limited and I felt the story focused more on their relationship to Davey than with each other. It’s a moving story that had me tearing up and grinning at various moments and I look forward to the continuation of the series.

Opening Line: “‘Keep your eye on the ball, Davey,’ Greg Hampton called from the bleachers of his son’s Little League game.”

Closing Line: “‘It’s been a long time since I’ve felt all of those at the same time.’ It had been, but Greg had the feeling the next time was just around the corner.” (Whited out.)


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