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Book 449: Whose Mind Is It Anyway? – Lisa and Franco Esile

Esile, Lisa and Frank - Whose Mind Is It Anyway?Sometimes you need to be reminded that you don’t know everything and this is one of those instances. It legitimately, is a book telling you not to always believe what you’re mind says, but to take time out and look at it from a different perspective (aka your heart) and to see what else is going on.

This isn’t one of those books I would pick up and buy for myself or even as a gift, but it’s one of those books that everyone would (or really should) read if they stumbled across it. I know if I saw it on a coffee table or in a bathroom (see photo of illustration below), I would flip through it. The publicist for the novel sent over a copy for me to check out* and it was a quick, fun and quirky read. I’m definitely going to have to check out the author’s website to see what other fun things they get up to.

The book is broken down into bite-size pieces/chapters called Wisdom, Calm, Control, Learning, Pain, Teamwork and Acceptance. Each chapter walks you through quick and simple things you can start doing right away to begin finding the better you that is within.

What I enjoyed most about the book is that even though it’s talking about some pretty serious stuff (mental health and depression among other things), it doesn’t take itself too seriously. There’s a lot of tongue-in-cheek that made me giggle as I read it, for example page two:

2016 07-02 Giggle Worthy Illustrations

Or even this quote:

“Your mind thinks it needs to control you to keep you safe from lions and flying spears. And from regrettable footwear choices.” (Chapter 3)

There’s just a quirkiness that makes you smile. It honestly reminded me a lot of How To Be Happy (Or At Least Less Sad), but more of a story book version.

The book has a self-awareness that a lot of self-help books don’t seem to want to acknowledge. It specifically addresses the problem that I can imagine many individuals who seek out these books have in that they read as much as they can, but don’t actually implement what they’re learning.

There’s a fine line between reading self help books to help yourself and actually seeking out professional help. I honestly am not sure if I agree with the final few pages in which it talks about just letting yourself lie there and be still (for however long it takes (days, weeks or months), because I can think of a few individuals (one of whom will receive this book) who could easily take that advice as validation and do nothing to seek out the professional help they need.

Recommendation: Check it out! It took about 20-30 mins to read through the whole thing and there were some great tips and tricks on centering yourself. It’s a refreshing and lighthearted take on an oft-visited subject that could easily have become trite or dreary.

*I received a copy of this novel from the publicist in return for my honest opinion. No compensation was received.

Opening Line: “Hi! Maybe you’re reading this book because you like books about the mind.”

Closing Line: “Right now. Sitting here, reading this, you are already everything. It might not seem like it sometimes. But you are.” (Not whited out as this is a work of nonfiction.)


5 thoughts on “Book 449: Whose Mind Is It Anyway? – Lisa and Franco Esile”

  1. Good point about this not being a substitute for professional help. Self help books are so prevalent now and many of them have questionable advice (I always check the credentials of the writer)

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    1. Yeah – there are so many now, especially these that are interactive/illustrated and most of them are people who have big internet followings. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it needs to be clearly stated that these should be considered more “life advice” than self-help. I also think publishers should probably put something in the front matter, similar to TV shows that deal with abuse/suicide, about how if you are experiencing something similar there are resources available and then maybe list a few resources. It would do wonders for a lot of people!


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