Five Years and Still F*cking Fabulous (+ A Giveaway)

2015 07-12 Five Year GiveawayYou’ll have to forgive the swear in the title, but I wanted something light to introduce the post! I’m still in shock over continuously blogging for five years! That first half-year back in 2010 was a bit dodgy, but since then I’ve stayed pretty true and consistent to my blogging and reading passions.

Obviously I couldn’t have done this without you, my lovely blog readers and friends. We’ve spent FIVE YEARS hanging out. Many of you I’ve met via book blogging and many of my friends I’ve dragged screaming and kicking into this world (mostly through Come Read with Me). I want to give a special thank you to the top six most recent commenters, based on the 1000 most recent comments. You all really make me want to keep talking about the books and the things that I love:

Of course there are others and I truly appreciate every comment, share and like, but these people are some of the best out there! Now on to what most of you will be here for, my pay-it-forward Five Year Giveaway!

Five Year Giveaway: Win $25 in Amazon or Book Depository Credit!
As it’s been five years and I’ve met so many amazing people I’m going to have a raffle for two $25 prizes. That means I will select two random winners who will either chose between a $25 Amazon gift card (US) or up to $25 in books from the Book Depository (any number of books as long as they don’t go over $25).

2015 07-13 Rafflecopter Link Image

All you have to do is enter the Rafflecopter contest by clicking either the photo or the word Rafflecopter in the last sentence. Entries will close on SUNDAY July 26th at 12:00am EST and I will announce the winner on Monday July 27th at 12:30pm.

Keep an eye out on Wednesday for my stats and Top 5 Moments of the past year!


23 thoughts on “Five Years and Still F*cking Fabulous (+ A Giveaway)”

      1. Apparently I didn’t enter your giveaway before when I commented on here (at least Rafflecopter is saying I didn’t enter). Anyway, something I’m looking forward to in the next year is editing my novel until I’m satisfied, and then trying to figure out if anyone wants to publish it, haha. We shall see!

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  1. HOW did I not realize that you have a blog?! Late to the game, obvs. Congrats on five years! So awesome! I’ll try and keep up with your blogging, as long as my toddler allows me the time. 🙂


    1. THANKS! Haahaa life gets in the way, plus it’s books most of the time and it’s niche so most people are just like “Geoff and his books” and keep scrolling!


  2. Phew, that was a lot of entering, haha. I really thought I had you on Twitter already, but I guess not!

    Congrats on the five years! Man, time flies. I’m just over four years now, and I think your blog probably inspired a lot of that. That’s like a whole high school career of blogging. I don’t think any of my weblogs lasted more than a year before this.

    What I’m looking forward to most….hrm. Quite excited for the next Christopher Moore book in August. And I’m going surfing/camping Labour Day weekend, so that’ll be fun.

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    1. HA! I wondered about putting that many, but they were all opt-in so I figured why not. And thanks! I still think I write just to myself most of the time even though views show otherwise. I’m very jealous of the surfing, less so of the camping.


      1. To be honest, I’m not really into camping myself, but my girlfriend is dragging me there with the promise of surfing. Tempted to get a nearby hotel, heh.


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