Come Read With Me

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Welcome to my world where reading is essential and laughter always makes things better. Get to know me and my friends as we read a book and discuss it. However, be forewarned that tangents and giggle fits abound because well we’ve probably had a drink or two to calm the nerves. As of now, episodes are released bi-monthly, but if I get enough of a backlog I’ll increase the number of releases!

The Idea: Sometime in late fall of 2013, I was talking with a friend randomly about my failed podcast (Oddness Moving Bookcast) and his response was, you did great, but you really need someone to bounce ideas off. He then said something along the lines of “I’d read a book to do a podcast with you,” and then a few months later I was recording Come Read with Me!

Why “Come Read With Me”?: I chose the title from Frank Sinatra’s Come Fly With Me because I’m a goofball and it made me happy. I was able to find an awesome version of Come Fly With Me created entirely on YouTube from GarageBand (who has that talent!? I don’t.) and ran with it. The graphic (please if you can do better, let me know!), was another idea that made me smile so I ran with it.

Live in Boston? Interested in reading a book and discussing it with me? Email me at

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