Workout Wednesday

Workout Wednesday – August 2013

So obviously, this is not a Wednesday post, but oh well it’s my blog and I’ll do what I want! The main reason I started with the Workout Wednesday was because I liked the alliteration, but really the point of these was to do a one month check-in on my CrossFit as I move forward in my healthy journey or what not. It just happened that most of them fell on, or near, a Wednesday. This time it is closer to a Friday/Monday so I went with Friday.

This month has been sort of bust when it comes to CrossFit. (Holy shit it’s actually been five months.) Since my last post on July 10th, I’ve only been 5 times which is roughly once a week, but I have been making up for it by walking a lot. But this morning at CrossFit the coach asked if I was leaning out a bit while I was doing overhead squats. Me being me, was like ‘uh what am I doing wrong’ (this was right after he’d said I do great overhead squats with parallel body and below parallel squats), and he was like ‘no, leaning out – thinning out’. And my response was ‘OHHHHHHHH, sure I guess. I mean I have to see myself everyday’. And he just said that he could tell it in my face. So YAY for a Friday pick me up!

If you remember last WW, I mentioned personal turmoil which forced me to get out of the house and start walking.  Thankfully, what was causing it seems to have settled down, but there’s always something to take its place. (Yay being an emotional human being after all! – Sarcasm, duh!) But regardless, I am very proud of myself because I was able to harness the momentum and I kept the walking going. With very few exceptions I’m walking at least two miles a day sometimes going as high as eight (an outlier) but usually it’s around four-to-six.

In July I walked a total of 89.99 miles. I knew it would be close to 90 when I went on my last walk and I assumed it would be just over. I was actually quite glad that it ended where it did as it gave me the perfect goal for August (I’m already 35.92 miles in). I will note that the walking I’m counting is solely when I go out with the intention of going for a walk, so I’m not counting all the daily steps and walking that I do. On the downside my first pair of minimus (right) have big holes near the pinky toe from walking so much 😦 I am still able to wear them for CrossFit, but I had to purchase a new pair which I don’t like as much but I’m only going to use them for walking as they thankfully have a thicker sole.

On the healthy eating front, I’ve been sticking with my salads everyday for lunch (or at least four days a week). I’m glad my body has finally adapted to them. Those first two weeks I felt like I was hungry all the time! I think this was mostly due to my having previously eaten leftovers for lunch four days a week and those were pretty filling meals. I’m still struggling with portion control, but I’m definitely managing it a lot better than I have previously.


12 thoughts on “Workout Wednesday – August 2013”

    1. Thanks! I’m super excited about this month. I’ve gotta do better about making crossfit and it seems like I’ve finally got this walking thing into my routine which can only help 🙂


  1. Go, Geoff, go!

    No matter how little or how much you’re walking and doing CrossFit, you’re STILL doing more than I am. [high five]

    I’m proud of you.


  2. You are doing great! It’s kind of sad but also kind of awesome that you are walking SO much that you wore a hole in the shoe. I think it’s another sign of how much effort you have/are putting toward your healthy living goals!


    1. I surprisingly don’t have too many different routes. I’ve got two main ones and if I want to take a longer 6+ mile walk I merge them. I don’t worry too much about engaging my brain as I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts and that’s good. It is good to rotate the routes though every now and then to keep me on my toes.


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