Book 628: Braeton & Drew (Something About Him #4) – A.D. Ellis

Ugh, these reviews are going to get super short. I’m hate reading the rest of the series since I paid for them and there are some (but very few) parts that are enjoyable. I continue to wonder whether Ellis has ever met had a conversation with a gay man or if this is all just her imagination.

The biggest problem with this book is that Braeton, first introduced in Bryan & Jase, is nothing like his character in that book. I mean sure he dresses the same and is flamboyant, but he comes across as a total ass in the first part of this book. He never came across as an ass in that first one.

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Book 625: Bryan & Jase (Something About Him #1) – A.D. Ellis

SAY IT WITH ME NOW: “If I write a self-published novel I promise I will use a professional copy editor, use multiple beta-readers, and ctrl+f any asinine phrase that I may over use.”

Okay, now we can move on. I didn’t realize these were self-published when I purchased these (for $6) or I probably would not have purchased them. I was trying NOT to judge the books by their horrible covers and was drawn in by the blurbs.

As I was gearing up to read these I did a cursory Goodreads check and knew I was in for an experience and that’s part of what flagged for me these were self published.

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Book 600: Shortest Way Home – Pete Buttigieg

Damnit. Now I want to move to South Bend, Indiana—well, maybe only a bit. I love my “mid-sized” Boston and “quaint” Cambridge, liberal East Coast elitist state a bit too much, to really consider it. I reached out to the publisher for a copy of this book after Mayor Pete announced his exploratory run for U.S. President.*

As the first openly gay (married, veteran) person considering a run for this office, of course I wanted to read it. I wanted to know why he felt he could go from being the mayor of small Midwest city to running the United States; I wanted to know his coming out story (it’s what binds us gays [broadly LGBTQ+] together); and I wanted to see what his vision was for the future. Did I get all of this? Not quite. Was it worth reading? Definitely.

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