Five Year Blogoversery Giveaway Winner!

2015 07-27 Giveaway WinnersWell I’m glad some of you got it together enough to fill out the super easy raffle to win $25 😛 I mean it’s FREE money basically and Amazon sells everything! But kidding aside I’m glad to share something in honor of my five years of blogging at The Oddness of Moving Things.

I’m not sure what either of the winners will pick, but they have diverse interests (outside of reading – shock and horror right?) and I couldn’t be happier to pass along a bit of my blogging happiness and mojo in the form of my five-year giveaway. The two winners are…

  • Melissa from Melissa Tuck Photo: She’s a professional photographer and we went to UNC together. There are two distinct things I remember about conversations with Melissa, I remember senior year one late night after a meeting telling her I was incredibly jealous and had nothing but respect for her for doing what she loved. (I always viewed it as a hobby to get back to one day). And the other was a few years ago when I told her that I hadn’t really had much of a desire to get married, but seeing her photographs really does inspire me to think about it sometimes. Seriously, check out her blog here.
  • Teresa from Mama Muse Me: She’s blogs about “exploring creativity, faith, plus size fashion, & motherhood.” I of course loved that the first post on her site when I visited was about Kelly Clarkson! I love love love me some Kelly Clarkson, especially live in concert. In addition, I really enjoyed reading about her body positive mindset and her recent feature in Bella Grace magazine.

If you didn’t win, there’s always next year! Thanks again for sticking with me as I make my way through this literary journey most people call life.


Let me know your thoughts!

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