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Book 330: Waiting for the Flood – Alexis Hall

Hall, Alexis - Waiting for the FloodIf I didn’t know better I’d say one of my good friends from high school (cough *Alexandra* cough) was writing under a pseudonym, “Alexis Hall” – HA! But that aside, I requested a copy of this novella from the publisher as the synopsis (Publisher’s website) caught my attention. I received a copy from the publisher and below is my honest response.

This is the story of Edwin and how he’s finally ready to get over his 10 year relationship which ended, not on bad terms, but on terms that he wasn’t able to comprehend. Having never been in a 10 year relationship (holy shit that’s 1/3 of my life – and Edwin’s!) I can’t really relate, but I can relate to coming out of a relationship not knowing what happened because it ended in a way that didn’t make sense and we apparently both thought and had different feelings on where things were and were going.

Along comes hunky ginger Adam to help out Edwin’s neighborhood in the threat of a flood. Needless to say a series of awkwardly adorable moments happen and the two eventually get together for a presumed happily ever after.

Although this was one of the worst uncorrected galleys I’ve read, some of it formatting I’m sure from the e-conversion, but some felt like basic grammar, I stuck with the novella because of Edwin. Hall wrote an incredibly sympathetic character whose struggles, imagined and real, were easily identifiable and the reader can’t help but want to comfort him. And I of course loved that Edwin was a bibliophile and his job was book restoration.

I’m never sure whether to include novellas in my book list, but I always do because I read them and they’re finite stories. And once again I think I should probably read more short stories as they’re so great, but I doubt I will, you never know though right?

Recommendation: Probably a pass. As much as there was to identify with Edwin, overall, the writing was mediocre. That being said, the characterization was excellent and it well enough (and the fact it was under 100 pages) for me to see the novella through to the end. If the story were fleshed out and turned into a longer work it might be a check it out if you like M/M romance, but until Hall matures more as a writer I’ll probably take a pass on his works.

Opening Line: “The Front Door is green.”

Closing Line: “And I knew he heard them, and I wasn’t afraid.” (Whited out.)


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