CRWM #03: The Handmaid’s Tale

CRWM03Note: This episode is going live early due to the holidays, traveling and the potential delay with iTunes uploading.

Welcome to Episode 3 of Come Read With Me, where my friend Patrick and I dive into Margaret Atwood’s classic dystopia A Handmaid’s Tale. Patrick agreed to be on the podcast before he even knew what the podcast was about and when I called him he was ready. I gave him a really long list of books to choose from and he chose perfectly! (His original choice was Twilight but that was reserved and will be Episode 4). If you’ve never read it you should read it, really just read all Atwood as she’s amazing.

In addition to Atwood we spoke about a wide variety of authors and Patrick’s love of creating Twitter bots. Check Patrick out on Twitter @lightaesthetic and check out his website to see some of the awesome games he’s putting together in his spare time.

You can download it by right clicking this link and selecting save as. Or by subscribing on iTunes or Stitcher. (I’m SO fancy!) And if you really like it you could leave a review, but I’m just having fun at this point.

Other books we talked about: (We were VERY literary.)

Patrick and I were apparently very fidgety in this episode so apologies if the smaller noises are very distracting. I’m still working out the kinks! When I recorded the first few episodes I wasn’t sure when I would release them. All three were recorded between February and April 2014 and this is the final of that first batch. Hopefully, from this point on there will be less time between recording and releasing, but who knows.


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