February 2014 Recap

The Monday of 2014 has come to an end. January and February are always the hardest months of the year, to me at least. Winter has dragged on for four months and the daylight, even though it’s incrementally getting longer, feels like it’s all been sapped from the world.

I mean look at it. Would you want to go out in that? Would you want to get out of your cozy warm bed to shower and then have to go out in that weather?!? It seriously makes exercising and going to work a chore and even makes interacting with friends a pain because no one loves it. But that is slowly coming to an end! The last weekend in February I was actually able to have my windows open and it was great! The temperature did proceed to drop down to 12ºF again, and we had a random snow shower on Thursday, but baby steps!

Other than the weather I finished my UNC inspired scarf that you saw a starting photo of in my January Recap and check it out. You’ll hear more about my work out struggles in my March Workout Wednesday.

I think I’m going to take a break on crocheting for a bit and then I’ll try something fancier, like a hat! That is until I hear back from a friend about what colors he wants 🙂

Now for the Books, Bookish and the Blog:
Even though the last two months have dragged on small things have made it not so bad. One of those is the card below on the left. My oldest friend from growing up randomly had that sent to me and I was at a loss when I opened it. The little card with her name on it didn’t come out at first and my first thought was “OMG YES! I have a secret admirer who knows me SO well.” And then I realized it was from her and that made it even better.

The pig postcard is from my friend Courtney and she sends the best postcards! And the poem on the right was in The French Lieutenant’s Woman and it’s been keeping me company since I read that book last month. It’s heartbreaking and beautiful and yet somewhat hopeful.

This month I read nine books. Of those eight were library book and one was an advanced reader. Six of them were physical books from the library and three were digital (two from the library and one the advanced reader). However, what was most interesting is three of them were nonfiction books (Crucial ConversationsWhat I Talk About When I Talk About Running and Overcoming Passive Aggression).

Because I read so many books this month three of my posts will be in the first week of March. It’s nice to be able to schedule ahead and sticking to the MWF postings has kept me active while still giving me a bit of leeway if I’m reading a long book. I (shockingly) posted EVERY Monday, Wednesday and Friday this month  and I’m proud of myself! You will start to see a Sunday post, but that’s for a project starting this coming weekend. It’s not super exciting, but I think it’ll be fascinating and I can’t wait to get started. I’m currently scheming on another project that I’m hoping to launch around my four-year blogoversary if I can get my act together.

Recent Acquisitions
I hope you’re as shocked as I am because this month there were NONE. I checked out three books from the library and have already read two of the three. Thankfully this drops my yearly average by a good bit because I got WAY too many last month.

What’s Next?
I’m almost finished trekking through the plethora of library books I took out last month and this month and I’m definitely ready to start tackling my to-be-read bookshelf! There are so many books  I’ve wanted to read but just haven’t gotten around to and as I said last month I’m making it a priority to read more of them. Aside from singlehandedly keeping the library in business I’ve not done much.

As I said above I’m scheming and if it works out it’ll be great and hopefully a lot of fun! Both projects are interesting and things that I think will be worth the time investment. I hope everyone else is as ready for spring as I am! Bring on 2014’s Tuesday!


4 thoughts on “February 2014 Recap”

  1. Uggg will this winter ever end????? I realized the other day that I’ve quit wearing long underwear (sorry if that’s TMI) when it’s above 10 degrees. To me, that’s a sign of how long and miserable this winter has been LOL. It’s march now so surely it can only get better from here right? Your scarf looks awesome by the way! Also, 9 books is a great accomplishment! I’m reading Middlemarch, which I am loving, but it is taking me SO LONG!


    1. Oh Middlemarch was SO good but it was super long. And I know what you mean, I just got back from lunch with a friend and we were talking about how it seems quite nice out and it’s only just at freezing today.


  2. I’m incredibly tired of the winter weather, as well. You know it’s been a bad winter when I looked at my phone before leaving work tonight, saw that it was 12 degrees out, and my immediate emotion was relief. Relief that the temperature was above the single digits. Brrrr.

    Great job posting so consistently last month! I can’t wait to hear about your new project!


    1. I agree! It’s sad when it’s still below freezing and you’re like it’s not too bad today I could go without a hat or gloves. Must be what it’s like to live and work in a cold temperature year round.


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