July Recap 2017

In case you’ve been under a rock, it’s SUMMER! (In Boston at least!) That means my book list is full of Jane Austen fan-fiction and other random books I grab off the shelf. Weirdly enough though, there are a lot of non-fiction sprinkled in this year.

With the exception of a quick jaunt to Chicago around the 4th, we’ve stayed close to home this month and it has been luxurious! We’ve had a few beach days and Pokéwalks and I’ve had time to “just” read and enjoy the summer. That being said, we’re already trying to figure out what’s going on in the fall and where we’re going on our vacations in 2018. Where does the time go?!

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Bienvenidos a Madrid

2014 06-02 Madrid PostcardWhen this posts, I will be in the air on my way to Spain! Needless to say I am very excited and cannot wait to explore a new country. It has been almost six years since I was last out of the country, living there so not really traveling, and it’s been too long!

For the first week, we will be in Madrid. We have SO much planned from the national library and a  bus tour on the first day, to eating at one of the oldest continually run restaurants in the world, a rooftop walking tour and visiting the many museums and bull fighting ring!  I’m also VERY VERY excited about visiting the Don Quixote* and Sancho Panza statue on the postcard my sister sent me last summer and getting my picture taken there too!! I plan to start Don Quixote (Part 1 & Part 2) while I’m there to make it even more festive!

I’ve scheduled a few posts for when I’m gone, including an update on Monday (June 15) of where we go for our second week! So don’t worry if you don’t get an immediate response from me.

*I’m going to stick with the “x” version of Quixote as that is the way it is spelled in the title of the version I am reading. The postcard, and many other places have the “j” version, Quijote.


January Recap 2015

2015 01-08 COLD in BostonGood grief! 1/12th of 2015 is already over and all I can think is where did it go. Mine started off super busy with one of my oldest friends weddings and me being sick for over a week. The middle portion just sort of happened and then the last week we had the sixth largest blizzard in Boston history (I was here for the fifth too!) and missed two days of work. And that doesn’t even account for the -20° and lower windchill we had earlier in the month! On the blogging front I finally did another Culture Corner post and have been waging a battle with WordPress for their ridiculous new changes.

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September Recap 2014

2014 09-14 Sherman's Book Store Bar HarborThis was a crazy month. I completed five of my 30×30 list AND read five books. Most of the month surrounded my trip to Acadia. I know I did other stuff too, but my brain is absolutely drained.

The photo to the right, was an awesome snapshot I took while visiting Bar Harbor, Maine. I think what I was most impressed with is that there are no people other than the driver and it could really be any time period (except for the pram/stroller). It wasn’t my favorite book shop we visited, that was Mystery Cove and I didn’t get the chance to visit the Big Chicken Barn but I will go back up at some point!

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February 2014 Recap

The Monday of 2014 has come to an end. January and February are always the hardest months of the year, to me at least. Winter has dragged on for four months and the daylight, even though it’s incrementally getting longer, feels like it’s all been sapped from the world.

I mean look at it. Would you want to go out in that? Would you want to get out of your cozy warm bed to shower and then have to go out in that weather?!? It seriously makes exercising and going to work a chore and even makes interacting with friends a pain because no one loves it. But that is slowly coming to an end! The last weekend in February I was actually able to have my windows open and it was great! The temperature did proceed to drop down to 12ºF again, and we had a random snow shower on Thursday, but baby steps!

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August 2013 Recap

What a busy month! It’s amazing how even though I didn’t work a full week at work the entire month, it feels like I’ve done nothing but work! I guess that’s part of gearing up for the students to return. I did get the amazing postcard, below left, from my friend Courtney who clearly knows me better than she should!

However, reading was seriously delayed this month as I spent TWO WEEKS trekking through Les Misérables and then as soon as I finished I immediately jumped into Austen in August! And the most memorable aspect again was re-discovering the HORRIBLE typo (above right) that occurs in the last 10 pages of my edition of Pride and Prejudice. I mean of ALL the words to get wrong in THAT book, that is not the one you want to misspell. In addition to the original I read three Austen fan-fiction novels (The Missing Manuscript of Jane AustenThe Darcys and the BingleysThe Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen) and a Brontë fan-fiction novel, The Secret Diaries of Charlotte Brontë. And surprisingly three of these books were library books! 

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Culture Corner

Culture Corner – May 2013

As mentioned in my April Recap post I’ve decided to add a couple of feature posts once a month and here is my first one and I hope you enjoy it! I’ve decided to call it Culture Corner because 1) I love alliteration and 2) I figured Museum Monday’s was too limiting on both the day of the post and the subject matter. I apologize in advance for the length of this article. I saw two exhibits and took a lot of pictures.

I’ve been a member of the MFA for most of my time in Boston and since I’ve been here, I’ve seen some pretty cool exhibits like Chihuly’s Through the Looking Glass (2011), Alex Katz Prints (2012), Mario Testino’s In Your Face (2012/13) and The Postcard Age Selections from the Leonard A. Lauder Collection (2012/13) among others.

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