Book 186: The Throne of Fire (The Kane Chronicles #2) – Rick Riordan

Riordan, Rick - The Throne of FireI just want to start by saying if by some odd chance you’re the publisher of this book, you need to pay for better copy writers. There were quite a few mistakes in this novel in the text and maybe it was part of the ‘style’ but I really doubt it.

Although I’ve enjoyed reading both of the books in the Kane Chronicles so far, I still think it is the weakest of Riordan’s series. They’re definitely action packed and entertaining, but overall I just can’t truly appreciate the characters as much as I can in his other two series and I’m not sure why. Part of this I think comes from the style of the writing and the other part comes from the inability to identify with any of the minor characters. Although I think he did a better job with this book, it just didn’t click perfectly with me. However, don’t get me wrong it was still a fun read and I appreciated seeing Carter and Sadie grow and meeting new characters. I just wish there was more.

This novel picks up not long after the last novel, but there is A LOT of information that is never filled in and that drives me insane! This novel just sort of picks up and a lot of things have changed and it’s like you’re supposed to accept that and move on, which you have to do, because there’s no other way to get that information. Part of this comes from Riordan’s style of writing in that this novel is just a transcript of a tape he ‘discovered’ and that added to the personalities of Sadie and Carter this time, but it left so much information out like more information where the other magicians came from, what they’re doing and what they’re planning to do!

This book takes place over four days around the Spring Equinox (funny as that’s when I read it) and it’s a fast paced book. One thing you can’t complain about in the Kane Chronicles is the amount of action. Sometimes it is definitely overwhelming, but most of the time it’s enough to keep the pages turning and your mind engaged! As with the last novel there is a plethora of minor characters from gods and magicians to demons and mortals. I could name 3-4 of them which isn’t a good thing. I like the minor characters to make an impact and stay with me as that is what I really think makes a story stand out!

Now it wasn’t all bad, what stood out in this novel is what I had issues with in the last novel. Riordan’s expansion of characters to create a more diverse group of characters seemed a lot less forced this time. I was also able to appreciate the humor and developing sibling relationship of Sadie and Carter. Throw in a bit of teenage angst with love prospects and it gets even better, but still not as good as J.K. Rowling’s teenage angst!

Recommendation: It’s definitely hit or miss. If you’ve read the first one, this one definitely deepens the story, if not and you don’t have a serious attachment to Egyptology I’d suggest checking out his other series. Personally, I can’t wait to see where the series goes, but as with the last novel I doubt I’ll jump to read the next one immediately. If there’s not a wait at the library I might read it sooner rather than later, but who knows.

Opening Line: “Carter here. Look, we don’t have time for long introductions.”

Closing Line: “We’ll keep a room ready for you at Brooklyn house.” (Whited out.)


3 thoughts on “Book 186: The Throne of Fire (The Kane Chronicles #2) – Rick Riordan”

    1. I would definitely recommend the Percy Jackson series, but he doesn’t reach his stride until the Lost Heroes (technically a second series). They’re just fun 🙂


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