Book 181: The Mark of Athena (The Heroes of Olympus #3) – Rick Riordan

Riordan, Rick - The Mark of AthenaI can’t wait for the next in this series to come out!

When it does, I’m going to re-read the first three all over again because there were so many details I only vaguely recalled AND their just fun reads! (Although this might not happen as The House of Hades‘ scheduled publication is August 2013, but I hope to get the chance!)

From what I do recall from the first two books, this is definitely more action packed and definitely not lacking. However, in the end it was just as much a tease as the others. For the entire book I held out hope that some of the major plot lines of the series would be wrapped up, but only one of them was (which was definitely nice). I was, however, very glad that the seven demigods from the prophecy were finally together and the teen angst in the book definitely added to the plot (although I’ve yet to read an author who does teen angst as well as J.K. Rowling).

What’s great is Riordan is slowly perfecting his new style of writing (third person narration) and I think he’s improved over the last few of his novels. In addition he’s stuck with his strengths of weaving disparate stories (and cultures) together and creating a crazy cacophony of non-stop action.

As I mentioned in the previous reviews I’m less familiar with Roman mythology so I definitely use these as a learning experience. For instance learning about what happened to Athena/Minerva was fascinating. I’m not actually sure how much of it is true, but I’m assuming more of it is historically accurate than not.

The ending was both awesome and lacking. It wasn’t what I wanted, but is the perfect set-up for the next book. I do think he could have made it a bit more traumatic for the reader by not revealing so much in the few chapters before, but I (think) I understand Riordan’s thought process considering the book’s intended audience.

Recommendation: Although I don’t think this series is as strong as the first or as creative as Michael Scott’s The Immortal Secrets of Nicholas Flamel series, I would definitely recommend it. It’s great at what it does and is an amazing blend of history, modern technology and teenage awesomeness.

Opening Line: “Until she met the exploding statue, Annabeth thought she was prepared for anything.”

Closing Line: “‘Festus, raise the sails. WE’ve got some friends to save.'” (Whited out.)


9 thoughts on “Book 181: The Mark of Athena (The Heroes of Olympus #3) – Rick Riordan”

  1. Sigh. I LOVED this book. I read it right after I finished Son of Neptune, which was nice. But this was totally my favorite book in this series so far. I can’t wait for the book centered around Nico – I’ve been wanting to learn more about him for ages.


    1. I agree – I’ve found him a fascinating character ever since the first series. Although I clearly don’t remember his story as well as I thought I did because I thought he and Bianca were discovered elsewhere.


  2. I came across your blog recently and am really enjoying it. While I don’t share all the same reading preferences, your blog posts are fun to read when it’s a book I’m familiar with, and often lead me to add something new to my “to-read” list.

    I especially like the concept of establishing a goal of reading X number of books in a year. I may have to give this a try. Although volume isn’t the issue with me, most times, it’s quality. 🙂


    1. Thanks for stopping by and for leaving a comment! I love hearing from people all over and I appreciate learning about those who read my ramblings 🙂

      It’s difficult to decide whether to pick a number to read and so I leave my number the same always at 60 which is roughly 5 books a month. You might be interested in looking at some of the challenges out there (no blog necessary for most) because they encourage you to read outside of your normal reading. I would DEFINITELY caution you to chose wisely because many people go crazy the first time and over-commit and then feel miserable.


  3. I’ve been enjoying reading this series. My sister books these books before they come out and then I read them first mainly ’cause she doesn’t want to read them until she has the entire series in hand. I haven’t re-read any of the Riordan books. While reading the next book most of what went before sorta comes back to me. I love the action, but once I’ve read it all it is done.

    Have your read the Kane Chronicles? My sister said it was good, and no doubt it is….but for some reason I cannot fathom, I am hesitating…


    1. Hey Risa, I know what you mean about details coming back. Usually they do for me, but I either misremembered a few things or they were changed! Plus I love to read all of them back-to-back which I might wait to do when the series is complete. (I agree with your sister but I’m too impatient! So I read them and then get stuck waiting for the next.)

      I’ve read the first in the Kane Chronicles and I wasn’t too impressed, but funnily enough I picked up the second, The Throne of Fire yesterday and plan to read it in the near future. Hopefully it’s more engaging than the first as I was obsessed with Egyptology throughout my childhood.


  4. This just sounds like a fun series. His name is familiar–does he write something else besides this series. And Rowling and teenage angst–she nailed that.


    1. It is such a great series! Mostly because it builds off his most popular series Percy Jackson and the Olympians. I know he’s written a lot of children’s/young adults novels, but I’m not sure what else he’s written.


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