30x30, Personal Project

30 x 30: #11 – Grow something from a bulb or seed

2014 05-08 Lemon Basil SeedsI’m calling this one a success, even though I didn’t get to make pesto! I figured if I was growing something it should be something useful, even though the original plan was for something just for aesthetic value.

I picked up the Lemon Mrs. Burns basil from what used to be a farm stand and is now a grocery store and greenhouse near my house back in May and planted them that day!

This item came from Caroline’s suggestions to my list and I really liked the idea for a couple of reasons. I don’t really have a green thumb, so that would make it a challenge, it would either be beautiful or useful (or both) AND, most importantly, one of my coworkers from my old job gave me a set of beautiful handmade clay pots she made with me in mind!

2014 09-06 Best Gift Ever

Isn’t it gorgeous? She gave me two of them, the other is a little smaller and I use it as my pencil/pen holder at work.

2014 05-09 Start of Something NewFor the first few weeks I convinced myself nothing would grow and when it did I got super excited—and might’ve done a dance! Unfortunately, I didn’t look up HOW to grow it until I’d already started and was past the point where I was supposed to trim it down so that it didn’t look tall, lanky and a little sickly. But that’s absolutely okay because I still have seeds and I’m going to try again!

As you can see, below, I did let them grow too tall, but eventually trimmed them down and they got bushier. They weren’t going to get any bushier (after some internet searching), so I decided a few weeks ago to pull them out and will start again in the next few weeks!

Like I said, I haven’t given up yet! I’m going to try again because I really want to make homemade pesto! When I visited Tara in NYC as part of my list, we made a delicious Mint Pea Pesto and I’ve always wanted to make a basil pesto because pesto is one of my favorite food items ever! Seriously, I’d probably eat it with a spoon if it weren’t so salty on its own.

I’ve got a few more items to cross off next weekend, hopefully, so keep an eye out!



10 thoughts on “30 x 30: #11 – Grow something from a bulb or seed”

  1. I usually buy grown plants and put them out on the balcony like I grew them myself, and then I feed off of them until they die. I’m less of a gardener and more of a monstrous slave driver.


  2. I have basil coming out of my ears. I bought one plan from a local shop and it has happily self seeded. I don’t make pesto, but I do add it to anything tomato based and a stuffed egg recipe (which is based on pesto). They look like they need more light and sun.


      1. I’ve got basil just growing between the tiles on the terrace that doesn’t even get watered! On the other hand, two lots of mint have died… I don’t really care what I have, so long as I have some herbs. Parsley rampant, thyme doing well, new Romero nice, oregano not bad, chives feeble, oh cilantro ok. Interestingly all the ones that were difficult in the UK do well in Spain, but chives and mint are poor. Climate huh?


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