Book 586: A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo – Jill Twiss and E.G. Keller

This is another great gift from my friends Caroline and Nick! I’d heard about this from people who watch John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight. I was vaguely aware of the controversy of it being released around the same time as another book about Pence’s pet, but I hadn’t actually read it or made plans to read it, but since they got us a copy I read it and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I was a little surprised at how political it was, but I guess it’s an adult political book masquerading as a children’s book. It had great morals and lessons (aka be nice to people, accept and embrace differences, dictators are bad) and was a quick read.

Similar to Abridged Classics, this book wouldn’t be as great as it is without the illustrations. The watercolor really kept it whimsical, even when you had the evil stink bug (I’ll let you decide who that is) lording over everyone.But as we all need to be constantly reminded, since January 20, 2017, no matter how bad things are or how down we all get, some things are not forever and change is possible!

Recommendation: It’s an adorable story, check it out. It could stand on its own without the ridiculously political overtones and the barely disguised caricatures (hello Bunderson Cooper you minx), but because it has them and we’re living through this moment in history, it’s that much better for them.


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