Book 523: Lickety Split – Damon Suede

I hadn’t planned to read more than one of these, but when you’re caught up in the moment you can’t really control what comes through on your kindle (or you buy at a bookstore, get from the library, or… well you know what I mean). After finishing Hot Head, I checked to see if this was available at the library and it was, so of course I checked i tout and blazed through it.

Lickety Split, is sort of the opposite of Hot Head in that it’s set in super rural Texas and you’ve got small town life versus big city living. There are still some family hiccups in this one as there were in the first. I guess Suede writes what he knows with a big impact either way. He grew up in small town Texas (surprise, surprise) and fled for the big city at the first opportunity he could.

Whereas Hot Head, relied on the sexual tension of the characters through lack of sex or physical contact, Lickety Split explicitly uses this tension from long drawn out very slow sex sessions to one character spying on the other while they masturbate over a long period with an interesting culmination.

What I liked about this book was the intergenerational aspect of this book as it’s not something you see often in romance novels (or at least not the ones I’ve read). I’m not talking like 50-60 years or multiple generations difference, the two characters in this novel are probably 20-25 years apart in age. This allows for an interesting power dynamic between the young successful circuit DJ and the older seasoned ranch hand which plays out in various ways over the novel.

Recommendation: Ditto from Hot Head. If you want some hot and steamy delayed gratification this book is one for you. As much as I’m embarrassed to admit it, I appreciate Suede’s directness and crassness when it comes to talking about body parts and sexual acts. It definitely adds a rugged believability to his gay/heteroflexible characters, especially in the throws of passion.

Opening Line: “THE PLANE dropped without warning, a brick through the clouds.”

Closing Line: “Patch twisted to kiss him. ‘I got here fast as I could.'” (Whited out to avoid spoilers, highlight to read)

Additional Quotes from Hot Head
“It ain’t a club, Tucker. Either/or. There’s all kindsa gay people. Some them live Catholic and vote Republican.” (Loc. 2,053)

“In theory, a funeral was a group-hug good-bye so a community could leave their regret six feet below their soles…In practice, a funeral ended up being a wedding in black, except you married the dirt.” (Loc. 3,323-3,326)

“The host was Russian but based out of Brooklyn: Alek something. Hot Cocks, Hot Hunks? Something like that. Southern Decadence made these porn companies a ton of money, and they spent a ton to make it so.” (Loc. 3,957)


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