Seven Years

Another year older, another year wiser — or something like that. Going into this year, I didn’t think anything could top last year, but boy was I wrong. Long story short, I’m still here.

I haven’t 100% worked out all the kinks when it comes to blogging, but I feel like I’m making progress back to my normal. Every time I hit schedule or post, I once again start to feel that thrill of the unknown and the limitless potential I used to feel on a regular basis. Somewhere in the last two years, I started to lose that thrill. Overwhelmingly, it was real life weighing me down, growing up sucks.

With a portion of that weight being lifted off of my shoulders recently, it was time to get back to the basics: the act of creation. The act of dumping my incoherent thoughts on the internet for strangers to read and occasionally editing them is incredibly rewarding. I’m not saving lives or changing the world, but I am sharing a bit of the spark that makes me who I am on a (somewhat) regular basis and that makes me happy. When was the last time YOU wrote about Mr. Darby or got free almost finished books in the mail to write about on the internet? The fact I get to share that with some amazing people who interact with me from all over the world is just an added bonus.

Every year and what feels like every month, I will continue to say holy hell time is moving fast. I’m astounded at how quickly it is moving. Many blogger friends have come and gone, even more have changed beyond recognition. I have vague ideas of the memes and fads in the book bologosphere, but those were never my thing. These changes and interactions aren’t bad things, they’re just not for me. I have to remember to do what I love and not what ever the next hot thing is. I don’t want to lose my focus as I’m trying to pick up where it seems I left off. [I am aware I was able to somewhat regularly post over the last two years, but really there was no interaction and little thought put into it.]

I’m getting older in people years and I feel pulled away more often than not and in blog years I’m positively ancient at this point. I will continue plodding forward with my random reading selection and even more random responses to said selection. Through all of it, my personal life and the ever-changing book blogosphere, I’ve kept The Oddness of Moving Things going for seven years and I feel like I’ve stayed true to its origin story. After all, this is my literary journey, not some meme or fad, not something Insta-worthy, and definitely not something even noteworthy, just me and a pile of books that I hope to actually get through one day.

P.S. – I might’ve done an overhaul on the site this past week, check it out!


19 thoughts on “Seven Years”

  1. Congratulations on 7 years! Our blogs are the same age. With all the changes of life, it’s nice to have a stable place to share thoughts about books and whatnot. Wishing you many more years of blogging enjoyment!

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      1. Yeah, I’ve seen a lot of bloggers burn out. Early on I decided I’d be happy with one post a week and although I’ve missed a week here and there, it’s helped keep blogging fun for me (although I do “should” on myself sometimes — as in I should do more). #whatever 😉

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  2. Well done on sticking to your original intent. So easy to get distracted – I go that path too often unfortunately. Like your new look except for one thing. The teal colour of your links makes them hard to spot against a white background.

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      1. if your platform allows, I’d go for a darker colour like blue. The company I worked for until recently had teal as the corporate colour and so we had to use it on our web pages.But the contrast against white never worked.

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  3. Congratulations on 7 years. I don’t know if I should feel comforted or frightened that you say you are still working out the kinks. A year and a half into mine I am still working out the kinks, but I keep thinking I’ll find my groove. I appreciate your comments on staying true to your focus and your blog’s origin. I often need to remind myself to do the same.
    And congrats on the redesign, looks great!

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