30x30, Personal Project

30 x 30: #27 Visit and gamble at a casino

2014 11-22 Mohegan Sun - So Many PeopleAfter visiting and gambling at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut yesterday I am down to nine items left! And over this next week I will cross most (definitely five) if not all of them off my list.

I added visiting and gambling at a casino as I’ve never been to one. I’ve seen the outside of Harrah’s Cherokee Casino in NC, but never been inside and thus, yesterday. I drove down (about two hours in traffic) and spent about two hours there and then turned around and drove back (with a side-trip to Ikea). and honestly, I was underwhelmed after I got over the sheer size of it. The architecture and decor were actually really cool, but the amount of smoke in most of the areas made it difficult to really enjoy it.

I was very smart about going. For some reason, I was terrified I’d get addicted (after one visit) so I only took $40 in with me and left my debit card in the car. I guess I’ve read too many self-help books 😀 I apparently didn’t need to worry, as getting me to part with my money was very difficult. I almost didn’t play anything and finally was like NO YOU HAVE TO!

I didn’t understand so many of the slots or the video cards games, but I gave quite a few a try. From ¼ cent to $1.00 I tried quite a few different ones. I even searched out a few of the slot machines that had the arm just so I could feel old-fashioned and those I think were my favorite as they were a bit easier to understand. The only thing I didn’t try that I would’ve done if someone were there with me were the table games. I watched quite a few blackjack, poker, craps and roulette tables but didn’t have the guts, or the desire to put that much money down, and they looked fun.

As for winning, I think I’ll stick to random low-end scratch tickets 😀 I won $8 on my very first play of my first slot machine and then after that it was up and down. Ultimately, I spent my $40 over two hours and I had fun with it. The $8 was my biggest win and I was like oh this is easy, but no.

If I had one major complaint it was the amount of smoke. My eyes were bloodshot and red within minutes of being inside the actual gaming portion and I’m surprised I lasted two hours. I knew there were two non-smoking areas, but I wanted to see everything before I started playing so I wandered around for a good 30 minutes. Once I did find the non-smoking areas I realized they weren’t really non-smoking as they weren’t closed off or anything. One was ultimately clearer than the other so I stayed there.

The only other thing I didn’t do that I would’ve done is i would’ve definitely bought some Krispy Kreme donuts, I feel like I walked by four of them in the casino, but leaving my wallet in the car prevented me from doing that. Oh well, either way I had a great time and I’m sure if I went back with friends I would enjoy it even more. For now I think I’ll stick with our sporadic poker nights:


5 thoughts on “30 x 30: #27 Visit and gamble at a casino”

  1. I had the same feeling the one and only time I went to a casino (except the one I went to was non-smoking…I’d recommend finding one of those if you could). I had the hardest time even parting with $20 lol. I feel like playing card games or roulette would be more exciting but probably really just a quicker way to lose my money.


    1. Oh yeah! If I did’t have “and gamble” on my list I probably would not have put money in a machine. Was the whole casino non-smoking? That’s amazing if so!!


      1. Yes believe it ir not it was! It was a recent conversion though, so the place still smelled like the smoke of years past even though no one was actually smoking…but still it made for a way better expierence i know!


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