CRWM #01: From Russia with Love

CRWM01As promised, here is Episode 1 (the real first episode) of Come Read With Me! My guest on this episode is my good friend Caroline and we discuss Ian Flemming’s From Russia with Love, which I reviewed WAY back in February, which was also when we recorded this!

In the episode we discuss anything and everything from our first experiences with Bond to a distracted few minutes of ogling Sean Connery (the promised picture is below) and discussing Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career. And I find out about Caroline’s adorable first library card!

Download it here: CRWM #01 (Right click and “save as.”)

I did have some technical issues with the recording and I apologize for that! We’re amateurs, but we had a lot of fun. If you can stand to listen with the echo, I promise it’s worth it if only to hear Caroline read a short passage from the book and for that library card story!

I hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed recording it! Now on to editing Episodes #02 and #03!



10 thoughts on “CRWM #01: From Russia with Love”

  1. This was fun to listen too. I’ll have to add the stream from ITunes when I get back home. I enjoy listening to The Readers podcasts but it’s good to have a other option to keep me from looking at my watch in the gym


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