30 x 30: #20 – See a comedian/comedy show live

2014 05-18 Road To OddballTonight I saw The Road 2 Oddball tour featuring Adam Cayton-Holland, Howard Kremer and Brody Stevens, right, in that order. Seeing comedy live is one of those things I enjoy when I do it and think “oh I should do that more often,” but then don’t. I think the last time I saw comedy live was in 2006 when I was visiting the great Helen Blowers in Newcastle and we went to a show which was epic.

I knew I would go to tonight’s show if given the opportunity as Howard Kremer is one of my top five podcasters and I’m obsessed with Who Charted. His odd sense of humor mixed with Kulap’s hilarity and the ever interesting engineers make it a great show, so I wanted to see his stand-up. Needless to say I wasn’t disappointed. I felt bad for my friend who went with me, when we left he was like “uh, not really my thing, but I got a couple of laughs out of it.” 😦 To be completely fair there were some pretty big hits and misses from all three of the headliners, and the local who opened the show (Samaria Johnson) was pretty good.

I was a little underwhelmed by Brody Stevens, but I know his comedy is a very specific type of comedy. As with everyone tonight, he had a couple of duds, but I’m not the biggest fan of professional sports so didn’t really get a lot of what was going on. Adam Cayton Holland’s was decent, but his comedy was a bit angrier than I generally like, but he did have a couple of amazing one liners I should’ve written down. Wie-Wie (Howard Kremer) was exactly what I’d thought he’d be! Could easily be interpreted as a bit of a mess, but hilariously awkward and topical.

The venue was surprisingly better than I thought it would be for the show. We used to go to trivia at Johnny D’s but between it being on a Monday, us being old and the really lack-luster customer service, we found better places. I did think it was a bit dickish that they put on a special menu with higher prices (or so it seemed) for the show, but can’ blame them for trying to get that extra money. Maybe next time they’ll work with someone other than Ticketmaster for the tickets—could’ve gotten a third ticket for what we paid in processing fees. Weren’t they sued about that ridiculousness?!?

Overall I’m really glad I went and I can’t WAIT to go to another! Hopefully I can get someone to go with me to see Paula Poundstone in January as my lazy bum friends didn’t really want to go in April 🙂


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