30x30, Personal Project

30 x 30: #4 – Go Trampolining

2014 03-29 Trampolining Ticket SkyZone2014 03-29 Trampolining At SkyZoneOne down, twenty-nine to go! I added this to my 30 x 30 list because my friends have gone multiple times and I’ve never been able to coordinate it so I could go 😦 I honestly assumed this wouldn’t happen for a while, but my roommates, Matt and Mike, randomly decided to get a group together and I was shockingly available so we went! Our friends Alex, Patrick and Tom went with us and it was so much fun and, honestly, hilarious. 🙂

Think about, it how seriously can you take your friends when you’re surrounded by teenagers and you’re jumping on giant trampolines playing dodgeball or flying into a foam pit? You can’t! And that’s what was so great about it. At one point I thought Matt and Mike were doing some weird Street Fighter thing and then I realized Matt was trying to show Mike how to do a belly flop. I still like the idea of trampoline Street Fighter, but I’m not going to lie at one point we were jumping up and down doing poses and ridiculous contortions with our bodies like ballerinas and supermodels and it just made it that much funnier. We did everything except for the basketball dunk shots and you can see one of the venues (not the one we went to) that shows the foam pit, dodge ball and general court.

What surprised me the most about it was how physically demanding trampolining was! No seriously, it was exhausting and was comparable to a CrossFit workout I’d say. According to the SkyZone website you can burn up to 1000 calories an hour trampolining. I’m pretty sure CrossFit is more than that, but geez, that’s  A LOT of calories for 9pm on a Saturday night. I’m proud to say I was one of the last two standing!  However, I sat down when I got home and didn’t move for over an hour and then when I finally did crawl into bed I slept like the dead.

Overall, I’m DEFINITELY glad I did it and will go back at some point because it was so much fun and even though it was exhausting it was just a great release after the past long few weeks!


2 thoughts on “30 x 30: #4 – Go Trampolining”

    1. And it was SO MUCH FUN! If you get the chance I definitely recommend it. It was seriously like being a kid again on steroids or something. So many trampolines together and so many people jumping!


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