Workout Wednesday

Workout Wednesday – October 2013

**If you notice this posting, I’m back posting this. Work has been SO busy that I’m two posts behind and there’s no telling how many more I’ll fall behind. I was able to grab a few moments tonight to quick post these two posts.**

This month was split between really good and really bad when it came to working out and keeping it healthy. My workout streak passed 70 days and then I got sick and have missed almost two full weeks. On top of that I started to eat salads without fruit (see above right) which was a big step for me and they were pretty good, but then in contrast to that I ended up eating really poorly while sick and while work has gotten ridiculously busy (I’m in the middle of three 50+ hour weeks) I’ve been eating out more than I should, but I’m getting back on the ball this coming week, fingers crossed.

While I was sick I was able to go for a few walks on the days that I felt good enough and one of those days I came across the green sign above. I was having a really stressful and emotional day and when I came off the T (subway) and was waiting for the bus I looked down and that was there. It was what I needed that day and it just made the day so much better. And then this morning (Saturday 10/12) I was out for my first real walk in a few weeks and I realized how much the scenery changed, Fall has arrived in New England and I couldn’t be happier even if I am super busy.

Thankfully, after a couple of super emotional/stressful/unhealthy weeks I’m finally on the mend. I didn’t gain any weight (so far) and am super excited about getting back into the gym and back on track walking.


6 thoughts on “Workout Wednesday – October 2013”

  1. Glad to hear you are on the mend. And I think you’re perfect too. The leaves look so pretty. Do you ever wander through the Victory Gardens in Fenway? I loved that area and walked there each day to and from work. They date back to WWII.


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