Workout Wednesday

Workout Wednesday – September 2013

2013 08-21 - No More Baby Smooth HandsWhen this publishes I will have worked out and/or walked for 47 days in a row! No clue why other than I don’t want to break the streak now that I’ve got one. I could also say part of it is this monthly recap which keeps me honest, but it could also be that I’ve started to actually see results.

Not only are my hands no longer baby smooth (my friend Caroline freaks out about that, but I just treat my hands properly or something), but I actually get blisters and they have callused from all the lifting and pull ups and other exercises. I don’t know how many inches I’ve lost overall, but my clothes are definitely starting to get too big (including my belts). I did measure inches at one point, but they were the same to I didn’t worry about it. However, the awesome news is that I’m hovering at about the 20-25lbs (9-11kg, 1.4-1.8st) lost mark since January. Which is very exciting, I have a personal goal for my high school reunion in October and it’s totally within reach.

In addition to working out at CrossFit I added walking back in July to get out of the house and that’s definitely aided in the slimming down. In July and August I walked just under 250 miles. I’d originally set a goal of 250 miles for the end of the year, but have already smashed that goal. So I bumped my goal up to 500 miles for the end of the year and we’ll see how that goes.

The coolest thing about so much walking is exploring the areas near where I live, although I stay mostly on the same paths, it’s still great to just wander around and not have to do anything. Below to the left is a beautiful path I found about four miles from my house and to the right are how dirty my legs got after an 8-10 mile walk one weekend.

It looks like I’m wearing a pair of these hairy leg stockings which is hilarious! And on top of all of this a few months ago I almost completely cut out soda. I do still drink it occasionally (maybe 2-3 a week), but that’s down from 2-3 a day so whoop. I’ve only managed that with the help of these:

2013 08-19 - Soda Water is My Friend

I should feel guilty about buying so many, but I don’t. I buy between 8 and 10 a week and I probably drink 7-9 of them with someone else in the house finishing off one of them. I thought about getting a soda stream, but they don’t do the flavored seltzer water. It’s either seltzer water or soda 😦


8 thoughts on “Workout Wednesday – September 2013”

    1. Thanks! I’m more impressed with the 47 than I am with anything else at the moment. That’s taken a lot of wheedling and negotiating with myself to get out of the house.


    1. Thanks! I am enjoying it, but it is exhausting. I honestly wasn’t sure I’d make it after the first month, but I’ve just finished six months which is crazy to me. I don’t go as much as I should but I still go at least 1-2 days a week (3 would be my ideal/goal).


  1. You are an inspiration. I need to get back into the swing of things now that the move is done. One good thing about having Miles is that he insists on going for a walk every day. But he’s getting older so our walks are now slow strolls so I need to put the running shoes back on. We had to put our weights away since our place is too small so might be time to resort to good old fashion push-ups. I bet I can do half of one right now–nope, I was wrong. Great job and keep up the good work.


    1. I don’t know about an inspiration, but I’m glad this thing is holding me accountable. I feel like if I didn’t everyone would be like uh oh he’s missed so much he can’t write about it 🙂 (But thanks 🙂 )


  2. Go, Geoff! [high five]

    I’m still doing well with the no-soda thing. I have also found that I need a good substitution aside from water, though. Water’s great and I don’t mind drinking it, but I miss the taste of drinking other things. I’m not a juice fan (too sweet), and I’m not a tea fan, so I’m still looking. I end up having a few sips (literally) of Pepsi during the day, but it’s caffeine free. I haven’t had a caffeinated drink since I went out to breakfast two weeks ago.

    I’m so proud of you for all this hard work. Keep it up!


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