2013 Challenges

Mount TBR: Climbing Pike’s Peak (Checkpoint 1)

2013 Mount TBR Reading ChallengeBev of My Reader’s Block has called for the first check-in for the 2013 Mount TBR (To Be Read) Reading Challenge and I’m quite pleased with my progress so far. For this challenge I have read 3 of 12 books which I committed to PLUS an additional FIVE books from my TBR shelf. To see my full list click here.

If I were actually climbing Pike’s Peak I would be 3,528.5ft (1075.5m) up the mountain in committed books, but with the extra five books I would be just under half way up the mountain (saying I read 8 of 17) which would be approximately 6,633.6ft (2,021.9m) up the mountain.

In addition Bev has asked us to either post a picture of our favorite cover, share who our favorite character is, share if a book surprised us, or share which book has been on our list the longest. I’m going to go with the final option.

Of the 17 books (12 committed and 5 bonus), the book that has been on my shelf the longest is The Canterubry Tales, but I haven’t read that one yet. The second longest is Mickelsson’s Ghosts and I believe that has been on my bookshelf since the 2011 Boston Book Festival, so just under two years. It was a surprisingly good read even though it was a dense book. I’m not sure if I should have read it earlier, but I am glad I read it.


6 thoughts on “Mount TBR: Climbing Pike’s Peak (Checkpoint 1)”

  1. Doing great, Geoff! Two years on the TBR shelf? Is that all? 🙂 I’m terrible…I’ve got so many books that have been sitting and looking at me for ten times that long…..They all seemed like such good ideas at the time.

    Thanks for checking in!


    1. Haahaa. Well this is the longest I’ve stayed in one place since undergrad so I’m building that collection! I’ve kept myself to keeping very few books over the years so moving isn’t too much of a hassle.


        1. Good luck with that! That’s why I’ve managed to keep my piles as small as possible for now, but the longer I stay in one place the more they collect…


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