June Recap 2014

I can’t believe we’ve already been in 2014 for six months and June is gone. It was another busy month. I crossed four things off my 30 x 30 list: spend a week in NYC with Tara, visit the de Cordova sculpture Park and Museum, spend a day at the beach and take a day hike. There was a fifth I really wanted to do, but I just couldn’t quite get to it, oh well I’m mostly on track, but will need to pick up the pace if I want to finish everything by December 21st!

Books and Bookish
2014 06-03 Quarterly Book RiotIt was a VERY bookish month. I got my very first Book Riot Quarterly (right). I was impressed with what all I got, but was a bit overwhelmed with the books. I’m not so sure the four books was necessary, but I loved the smaller book related gifts like the literary playing cards (below) and the library card pencil pouch! Mostly I was peeved that one of the books we received was the start of a series. I’m all for series, but don’t send one book in a series regardless of if the author provides it, it smacks of “buy the rest of my books,” and just irks me. If it ends up being a great book I’ll gladly eat my words. Regardless, as everyone else has previously noted I got much more than what I paid for in the box.

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30 x 30: #26 – Spend a weekend in NYC w/ Tara

2014 06-13 Oh Hey Chrysler BuildingAfter a long and exhausting, but fantastically wonderful weekend in New York City with Tara I am now done with 20% of my list! I did so much that this is only going to be a basic overview of what we did with a few amazing pictures and then when I do my Culture Corner post for this month you’ll get the rest of it!

Tara and I have known each other since second year of undergrad, where she knew me as chlorine boy (I came directly from swim instructor training) and I knew her as one of the other two sophomores in an upper level random history class! She’s been in New York for almost four years and I haven’t been down to see her yet even though she’s been up to Boston twice to see me. So when I started making my 30 x 30 list I knew NYC and a Tara visit would be included, especially as she is moving to Portland, OR at the end of the summer.

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May Recap 2014

2014 05-30 Reunioni DUCK TOUR!May is always one of the busiest months at work. Between graduation and reunion, it’s just non-stop, but thankfully we’re moving into the quiet months of the summer and I’ll hopefully be able to catch up on blogging and other personal projects!

The major plus side of my job and reunion is I get to do fun things like go on a duck tour, to the right, visit museums and hang out with alumni at restaurants around the city where they force you to eat food and hang out far longer than you need to, but it’s completely worth it! Add in that we had an awesome turn out for the young alumni event and I’m a happy camper. Now we’ll spend the summer planning our two big events in the fall and then we’ll keep moving forward!

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April 2014 Recap

2014 04-03 Visit to the BooksmithI couldn’t start two monthly recaps in a row with book typos (don’t worry there is one), but I do apologize in advance, this is another long post!

so instead I thought I would start with one of my #100happydays photos. I took this photo on day three when I went down to sell some of my read books during lunch. Shockingly I only came away with two books (one a present) and ordered a third! Again, you’ll hear more about those later.

Let’s see, what else has happened this month? I had an AWESOME nerdy weekend a few weekends ago and loved every minute of it, even though it was exhausting. I started dating again. I ran a 5k and crossed running a sub-36:00 5k off my 30 x 30 list. As I mentioned last month, I launched a new blog (launch post) with my best friend from growing up called Now Entering Adulthood (actual link) about our last few months of our twenties and the first few of our thirties. Oh AND I created a Tumblr to compile my writings on both blogs and my Instagram pictures together! And well generally I had a great month!

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Book 21: Who Murdered Chaucer? – Jones, Yeager, Dolan, Fletcher & Dor

Jones, Terry - Who Murdered ChaucerI know I say this often, but what a fascinating read, but what’s most exciting is that this is a work of nonfiction. I don’t generally read a lot of nonfiction, but after reading about this on a site ages ago (at least a year ago) and having just finished A Burnable Book, I knew this was a great time to read it. Needless to say I absolutely plan on finding a full biography of Chaucer.

Who Murdered Chaucer? focuses on the last 20(ish) years of Chaucer’s life, but more so on the political climate, which is vital to interpreting Chaucer’s writings and why so few survived, I found. And come on, the man lived 150 years before and is considered the father of English poetry, why does Shakespeare get all the credit? I mean sure Shakespeare wrote A LOT, but just this next paragraph should make you want to learn more about Geoffrey Chaucer.

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